Just Another Summer?


2. Chapter 2

"Brent" Emily yelled.

"Emily" i yelled back pulling her on my back.

"Whatcha doin?" She asked.

"Nothing" i said.

"What are we doing tonight?" She asked wrapping her arms around my neck to hang on.

"Um i dont know" i said.

"Well, there is The Boardwalk or that shopping place with all the resterants." She said.


"Ok." She said.

We walked over to the hot tub. Noah got in the pool and Maddie got in the hot tub with me and Emily. There was a little girl and a boy with really blue eyes. Another bly that had quiffed up blond hair joined him. When we got in, the two boys smiled and came over to the girls. The blue eyed one went to Maddie, and the blond haired one to Emily.

Emily's P.O.V

Me, Brent, and Maddie all went to the hot tub. When we got there, Nash and Matt were in there playing with a litttle girl. Matt came up to me and we started talking. I looked at Brent, he looked abit mad. Im gonna talk to him when we go up for lunch.

"Hey Emily, what are you doing tonight" Matt asked me.

"Um, i think we are going to that shopping place with all the resterants." I said.

"Oh" Matt said disapointedly.

"Why" I asked.

"Well, i was wondering if you and Maddie wanted to go some where with me and Nash. We were thinking about going there too" he said.

"We should all go together" i suggested.

"Who" Matt asked.

"Me, Maddie, Noah, Brent, you, Nash, and your friends." I said.

He smiled.

"That would be great" he said.

"Yeah" i said.

"So, text me when you are leaving and where you want to meet up at" he said.

"You would have to text me first becouse i dont have your number" i laughed.

"Oh right. Your laugh is so cute" he said.

Brent looked really mad at this point.

"Thanks?" I laughed again.

"Damn." He said.

"What" i asked.

"You are so beautiful" he smiled.

"Thanks." I blushed.

He hugged me and i got lost in his smell again.

Matt's P.O.V

Her smell is amazing. I dont know what it is but i love it. I found my hand travel to her hair again and i started playing with her soft hair. Nash tapped me on the shoulder.

"Couple much?" He asked and Maddie laughed.

"Haha no" i said.

"Well you should. Memily is adorable" Maddie said.

Me and Emily smiled and we pulled away.

"Well, im really hungry so I think were gonna go up and eat" Emily said.

"Ok bye beatutiful" i said kissing her on the cheek.

She blushed. Her friend (the boy) looked extremely pissed.

They got out of the hot tub and went up to the elavator. They are in the same building as we are. I got out of the hot tub and followed them to the elavator. Now a boy with blond hair that looked like Emily was with them. Nash followed me and we got in the same elavator.

"I swear im not following you" i said winking at Emily.

"Yeah ok, what floor?" She asked.

"17" i said.

"Same" she replied pushing the button "17".

As the doors closed, Emily looked scared.

"You ok?" I asked.

"I hate elavators." She replied.

"You'll be fine." I said.

We rose up and the elavator doors opened. We all walked out and turned left.

"You sure your not following me?" Emily said.

"Nope just going to our room" i said. "Looks like were neighboors for a week"

She smiled. I have a feeling im gonna love this week.

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