Just Another Summer?


1. Chapter 1

Me, my best friend Maddie, my brother Noah, and his friend Brent are in Florida. We all cane down here for vacation. We just got here last night. Me and Maddie are going down to the beach right now. She has on a pink bikkini. I have on a bright breen strapless bikkini and black bottoms. Her sunglasses are pink aviators. Mine are black.

"So, you think there will be any cute guys here?" Maddie asked.

"Yeah, but the are probably all jerks and douce bags" i replied.

"True" she said.

Started walking on the beach. We saw some cute boys throwing around a football. Maddie blushed. One with bright blue eyes threw Maddie the ball. To his suprise, she caught it. She plays football alot becouse she has 3 brothers. The blond haired boy came up to me. He smiled.

"Hi, im Matt" he said.

"Im Emily" i replied.

"You are pretty" he said.

"Thanks" i blushed.

The blue eyed boy handed Maddie a piece of paper.

"Use it" he said. "Im Nash"

"Im Maddie" she said.

Me and Matt were making kissy faces and making hearts with our hands.

"Shut up you two. I ship Memily" Nash said.

"MASH MASH MASH MASH" me and Matt chanted.

"MEMILY MEMILY MEMILY MEMILY" Maddie and Nash chanted.

"Yall are too funny" I said.

"Totally" Maddie added.

"Well we better get back, Noah and Brent probably wondering where we are" I stated.

"Wait so you all have boyfriends already?" Nash asked.

"Nope, Noah is her brother and Brent is his friend that came with us" Maddie said.

"Yes" Matt mumbled to Nash.

"We heard that" Maddie said.

"Oh" Matt blushed.

We laughed.

"Hey Emily, will you do something for me?" Matt asked.

"Sure?" I said but it came out more as a question.

He pulled out his phone. He pulled up the contacts app.

"Will you put in your number?" He asked.

"Sure" i replied.

I put in my number and gave it back to him. He put my name in as 'Emily😍'.

"Why did you put that emoji at the end?" I asked.

"Reasons" he said.

"Well, we gotta go. I think I just saw Noah and Brent get out of the water." I say.

"Ok, i'll text you" he said pulling me into a hug.

He smelled so good. His scent was like i was in heaven.

Matt's P.O.V

I hugged her. Her smell was perfect. Just like her. She smelt like roses and i just couldnt let her go. It seems like she felt the same way. I got lost in her scent. I started playing with her hair. She looked up at me. Her hazel eyes finding my blue ones. I could stay here forever. Wow!

"Uh, Matt! MATTHEW ESPINOSA! What are you guys doing? You are acting like a COUPLE!" Nash yelled.

"A COUPLE?" A boy yelled running over to me.

"No, we just- I- um no Noah, we are NOT. A couple! I just ran into him and i-i" she studdered.

"Yes its true" i say backing away from her.

"Im trusting you Emily Nicole" he said.

He ran back over to his friend.

Noah's P.O.V

I ran back over to Brent and told him what happened.

"Oh really" he said like he waa disapointed.

"Dude whats wrong" i asked.

"Nothing" he said.

Brent's P.O.V

I have a HUGE crush on my best friends sister. Emily is so cute. She smells like heaven and always looks perfect. NOBODY knows this. I have kept it to myself for 2 years. I have known Noah for 4 years and 2 years ago i started liking Emily. I was disapointed that she was talking to another guy. I probably have no chance with her. She is 17 and im 19. YEAH THATS GONNA HAPPEN! *sarcasam* I couldnt believe when Noah asked me to come with them. I get to spend a WHOLE intire week with her.

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