"lets change you" "WHAT are you crazy" "you're too much of a goody goody, you need to toughen up" "but...." "no buts come on lets get you too the mall"


1. info :)

hey guys my name is Rosetta, im 19 years old.

i play the violin and guitar, my parents don't like me playing guitar so there for i started at violin.

im what the others at school is called the goody two shoes, i mean i pretty much am.

im a straight A student at school.

im going to Hartfield High School.

i really like bands like: 1D, 5SOS, Fifth Harmony and so on, but again my parents don't like that kind of music so i hear classic music the most.

i have a best friend Natalie, she's also 19 and she likes the same as me except she isn't a goody two shoes.

i love shopping and i love singing, singing is like my hidden talent.

well i think that's about me, here's my story.



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