"lets change you" "WHAT are you crazy" "you're too much of a goody goody, you need to toughen up" "but...." "no buts come on lets get you too the mall"


2. change

"i love you" "i love you too Ashton" i leaned in, our lips were a inch away.

BEEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP. i rolled over to the side and turned off the alarm. "its was only a dream"

i got up and walked to my closet. what should i wear, oh this is nice.

i took my white jeans and my black long sleeved blouse and walked into my bathroom, and turned on the shower so it could get hot.

i took of my night gown and my underwear and went into the shower. i took my vanilla scented conditioner and put it in my hair and rinsed my hair after it.

i walked out of my shower and dried my hair and body. i took on my clothes and went to the mirror.

i looked into the mirror and sighed "its not gonna be better.

i walked into my room and checked my phone and saw i had one message from Natalie

Nat <3: hi bae wanna go shopping today???

me: yea sure pick me up in 5 :)

Nat <3: ok see ya love ya <3

me: love you too <3

i took my purse and walked down stairs.

i saw my mom and dad eating breakfast.

"good morning darling" my mothers sugar sweet voice said "morning mum dad im going shopping with Nat can i borrow some money please" 

 "of course" my dad reached for his wallet and took out some money "here you go" "dad you just gave me 100 $ are you okay" "yes, you go buy yourself something"

i saw Nat was here "thanks bye" i slipped on my vans and walked outside.

i got into the car and put on my seatbelt "hey girl, ready for some shopping" "defiantly my dad gave me 100 bucks lets goo"

we drove off too the nearest mall. we parked and walked inside. "lets go to Starbucks" she said looking at me "im in" we walked into Starbucks and waited to it was our turn.

 "the same as usual" Nat asked me "yup" i looked up and it was our turn

" ill have a caramel Frappuccino and she'll have and white chocolate Frappuccino" "names and it'll be 2.78 dollars" "Rosetta and Natalie and here you go" i gave her the money and we walked over too a table.

i sat down and looked out of the window, "omg i have the best idea" Nat almost shouted "what is it?" "well as you know you are the straight A student at school" "yes i know but go to the point"

then i heard my name "Rosetta and Natalie" "lets get our drinks"

we walked up and got our drinks and walked outside the shop and sat on a bench

"what i was about to say, lets change you" "WHAT are you crazy" "you're too much of a goody goody, you need to toughen up" "but...." "no buts come on lets get you changed"

she stood up tossed out our drinks and pulled me into a hair salon.

a woman looked at us and spoke "hi what can i help you with" i was about to say something but Nat cut me off.

"she needs to be changed even if she protests" "okay honey go sit on the chair over there" she pointed to a chair in the corner "o-okay" i stuttered out. i walked over there and sat down.

she came over with some hair color and spinned me around so i couldn't look in the mirror "don't worry you'll look amazing"

she started putting hair color in my hair.

-----skip to when hair is done-----

"okay ready" i nodded, she spinned me around and i saw i had mixed pink hair. i touched my hair "its so cool" " i know" i payed the woman and walked over to Nat "dayum woman you look hot" "thanks, now what" "piercing" "wait what!!"

she pulled me into a piercing and tattoo shop and a guy was there "do want any thing" Nat answered for me "yes a piercing and two tattoos to her"

i looked at her wide eyed " what piecing and what tattoos?" he said while looking at me "uu-uuhm a lip ring and the tattoos shall be the infinity sign and the 5sos logo"

"where do you want the things?" "piecing left side bottom lip and 5sos sign behind the ear and the infinity sign on my wrist"

"lay over there" he pointed to a chair. i layed myself into the chair and he started.

---------skip it----------- (im pretty lazy sry)

i looked in the mirror wow it looks good, i payed the man and walked outside the shop.

"hey Nat" she looked at me "looking good are we, but now makeup and clothes''

we walked into various shops and stores and bought shoes, makeup, clothes and accessories.

we went home and i was outside my door step, i silently walked in and closed the door.

"oh honey your ho....what have happened to you" my mom looked at me shocked "i have changed my self" "its not pretty take that thing out of you lip and the hair we do later" "no mom i want to stay like this im not changing again"

"well then get out of my house" "you're kicking me out?" "yes pack your thins and leave"

i ran upstairs tears in my eyes, i took the things i needed and put them in a suitcase. i walked downstairs staring at my mom "bye mother" i said with a cold voice as i walked out.

i saw Nat still were there so i ran over to her and opened the door " can i live with you" "i thought you'd never ask" she said grinning.

i tossed my bag into the car and sat shot gun and we drove off, "ready for school tomorrow" "yeah i am"

when we came home we went to bed and i fell asleep.




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