Im just a reject.

What was I thinking? Everyone sees it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject Sick of the system Don’t wanna hear it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject


2. They're Aren't Real Friends If They're Judging Us The Way We Look Anyway.

The bell rings for school to end, and i shoot up out of my seat.

"HEY! The bell does not dismiss you, i do. You would think after almost a year of doing this, you would all know by now." The teacher yells at all of us.

I roll my eyes, and sit back down.

"Okay, you may leave." He says, and turns back to the board.

I reach down, and grab my bag. I hurry out the classroom, not wanting to be in school anymore at all.

Today has gone on forever, and i just want it to end. I don't want to have to try so hard to avoid people anymore.

Keagan told me to sit with him at lunch, and i didn't want to be rude, so i did. But of course, all of the other populars sat with him. They all seemed pretty nice and all, but..... fake. They all immediately treated me like one of their own. Thankfully, Robin was allowed to sit with me too. To be completely honest? I don't want to be part of the populars.

I also ran into that kid from the office a lot too. I would say hello to him occasionally, but he would just look angry whenever i tried to talk to him. I'm just trying to be nice here! Psh, jerkwad.

No matter how hard i was trying, i just couldn't find the way out of the school. I am literally lost.

A bunch of other student walk down a hallway, and i just decide to follow them. Maybe i can find a way out, right?

They walk right out the building, like they've done it a million times before. Well, maybe cause they have. I'm stupid.

I spot the parking lot, and make my way over to my car. I keep my eyes down, not wanting to make contact with someone i would rather not.

My phone buzzes, and i reach back for it in my pocket. It keeps buzzing, meaning a call.

I notice that it's my mum, and i press the ignore.

Right as i'm putting it back in my pocket, i collide with someone else.

I get all the force, and i'm knocked back on my butt. I had tried to catch myself, but it hadn't worked out. So the palms of my hands were all scratched up, just great.

"Watch where you're going, you could have killed someone!" An angry voice yells down at me, and just sits and stares at me.

I pull my hands up to my face, and my hands were bleeding and were red. Just peachy.

My eyes turn up to the person that had knocked me over, and they widen in surprise. The blonde from the office was standing in front of me, and was staring down at me with a sarcastic smirk on his face.

"You wouldn't want to get hurt, would you?" He says that, and then turns and continues to walk the way he had been going before.

I scoff, "You're the one that hurt someone, you idiot. You should be the one watching where you're going." I say it low enough that he won't be able to hear it, and thankfully, he didn't.

I carefully stand up without hurting my hands anymore than they already are, and pick up all the stuff that i had dropped when i went down.

After i had gotten everything, i start my walk back to my car again. I pull my keys out of my bag, and hold them in my hands. I unlock my side of the car, and slide into my seat.

I throw my bag onto the passenger seat, and then put the keys in the ignition and start the car. I look at the wheel, trying to figure out how i'm going to drive back home.

Eventually, i decide to just screw it. I put my hands on the wheel, and they start stinging even more than before.

I bare it, and drive back home.

Mum was standing right inside the door when i walked in, and she had one of the creepiest smiles i've ever seen. My eyes go wide at the sight, making her smile drop.

"How was your first day, hun?" She asks, trying to be polite.

I hold my hands out in front of me, trying to show her just a slight part. "Just peachy."

"Why don't you go up, and get dressed? We all know how long it takes you to get ready." She says, completely ignoring my scarred up hands.

I scoff, and push past her to go right up the stairs. I walk right into my box full room, and collapse right on top of my bed. I just want to sleep for a thousand years.

"Are you getting ready?!?!" I hear her yell up at me from the stairs, making me groan.

I scream back at her, "YUP! NO NEED TO WORRY!"

She doesn't say anything back, and i slowly get up off my bed. I throw my bag down on top, and go right to my boxes full of my clothes. I want to be comfy when i go there, and my idea of comfy is more like sweats and a tshirt.

I throw them over my shoulder, and walk into the bathroom connected to my room. I set my clothes on the counter, and walk over to the shower. I set it at random, and strip from my clothes.

I get in the shower, not caring if it's hot or cold.

I stayed in there for maybe, at least an hour. I like to take showers when i need to think or get away from my mum.

I jump out, and quickly wrap a towel around myself. I walk over to the counter, and change into the clothes i picked out. I walk back into my room, and want to get rid of some of these boxes.

I go through each of my clothing boxes, and put each article of clothing where i would like it to be. By then, two hours have gone by and mum is going to want to leave like in ten minutes.

Quietly, i make my descent down the stairs. Mum walks out of the kitchen, hearing my footsteps, and gasps loudly. She holds a hand to her mouth, "What in the name of heaven above are you wearing? You can't wear that to a neighbors house! Go change right now, and hurry! We're leaving in five minutes!"

I groan, and turn to walk back up the stairs. "If they were friends, they wouldn't care what we're wearing."

My mum laughs, “Do it look like I care, Drew? Cause I don’t. You need to be back down here, wearing a nice dress in five minutes. I’m not joking at all, Drew. Now go.”

I roll my eyes, “Okay, m’lady. Whatever you say, is my command.”

My mum ignores me, and turns around to probably make sure that she looks okay for the hundredth time.

I walk back up the stairs, and slam my bedroom door after I’m in. My closet doors were closed, and I was happy that I had decided to unload my clothes so now I won’t have to go through all the boxes for a dress.

I fling my closet doors open, and shuffle through each of my dresses.

I, finally, pick one that I think will do and take it off the hanger. I set it gently on my bed, and strip off all the clothes that i was wearing.

Quickly, i change into the dress and sling on my favorite sandals. I don't know why i love them so much, i'm a weird person. You'll get over it soon enough.

I grab my phone off the charger, and just hang onto it. I’ve been texting Ashton a lot lately, and I don’t want him to think that I’m ignoring him or something. That would be bad.

I sit on my bed, and wait for a moment, wanting to make my mum even more mad. We don’t need to be on time for every social gathering that she wants me to go to.

Pounding on my door interrupts my procrastinating, and I jump up off my bed. I make my way to the door, and open it wide. My mum was standing in front of me, her face bright red from her anger.

“We are leaving RIGHT NOW!” She fumes, and grabs my arm. She runs with me down the steps, and then stops by the door. She turns around, “JOSHUA! C’mon! We are leaving right now!”

“Ella, just calm down. Alright? I’m coming.” I hear my father’s voice coming down the hallway.

My mum scoffs, and walks out the door. “I’ll be in the car.”

My dad chuckles when he sees me, “Your mum making you wear that?”

“Pretty much. I wanted to wear my sweats and t-shirt. But she didn’t think the neighbors would appreciate it.” I tell him, sarcasm heavy in my voice.

He chuckles, “What did you tell her?”

I scuff my sandal on the hardwood, “I told her, ‘They aren’t real friends if they’re judging us the way we look anyway.’ She didn’t think it was very funny. But I did, though. So it’s all good for me.”

His laughter fills the house, and he claps his hands together. “That’s amazing. You get your humour from me, not your mum.”

I nod my head, and sarcastically roll my eyes. “Yeah. I wouldn’t think so.”

“Well, let’s go. Before your mum comes and rips our heads off. Shall we?” He asks, and holds his arm out for me to link mine with his.

I put mine through his, “We shall.”

We both walk through the door, and down to the driveway where my mum was pacing. She storms up to us, “We’re already ten minutes late. Thank you, Drew.”

I shrug, “Don’t mention it.”

My dad looks down, and tries to hold in his chuckles. But my mum stands in front of me, and glares daggers at me. If only looks could kill, then I could be outta here.

She fast walks across the street, not looking back once. My dad and I chuckle, walking slowly behind her. She stops in the driveway, and waits for us to catch up to her.

She grabs my dad’s arm, and drags him up to the door. I unlink our arms, and take my time to get to the door.

My mum knocks on the door without waiting for me to get there, and a really pretty lady opens the door. She greets my parents, and they all introduce themselves.

Suddenly, all their eyes turn to look at me. I’m sick of all eyes on me, I’ve had enough of the attention today.

My mum waves harshly for me to come up, and I walk a little bit faster. She grows impatient, and starts to give me the death glares again. I really don’t care right about now.

When I make it to the door, my mum introduces me. I don’t say a word, and I prefer it that way. I don’t like attention.

The kind lady tells us to come in, and shows us to the dining room. We sit down, and she disappears to go find her family.

The table was able to fit six people, three on each side letting no one sits at the end. My mum and dad had sat next to each other, leaving the other family to sit on the other side of us. I was sitting next to my dad, cause there is no way in halibut was I going to sit next to my mum.

My mum leans over my father, and glares at me. “Be nice.”

I was going to give her a sarcastic remark back, but I don’t think she would like that very much.

Footsteps pad down the hallway, and a middle aged man appears. He grins when he sees us, and holds a hand out to my mum.

She shakes it with a smile on her face, “Hello, my name is Ella. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

He pulls away, and then holds the same hand out to my father. “My name is Robert. My wife has told me all about you guys. She said I just had to meet the neighbors.”

My dad leans across the table, and grips the mans hand. “Joshua. Don’t worry, my wife has been doing the exact same thing.”

They let go of their handshake, and Robert turns to look at me. A wide grin spreads across his face, “Now, who is this pretty lady?”

My father pats my shoulder, and I keep my eyes on my lap. “This is our daughter, Drew.”

Robert leans across the table, and holds a hand out to me. I stare at it for a moment, and then hesitantly take it in mine. My hands are still red from when I fell earlier, but thankfully they aren’t bleeding anymore. They still sting, and I’m trying to be careful with them.

I shake his hand, and then release it quickly after.

The man laughs, and then claps his hands together. “I’m gonna go find where my wife ran off to, so if you would excuse me.”

He leaves, and the room drifts off into the uncomfortable silence yet again.

My dad holds his hand out to me, and grabs my hand gently in his. He turns it over so my palms are sticking up, “What happened, sweetheart?”

“I was going out to my car after school, and I got a text from Ashton. So I pulled it out, and was texting him back, and someone ran into me. I fell on the ground, and my hands are all screwed up now. They’re a lot better now, before they were bleeding. It was quite gross.” I tell him, lying about the Ashton part. I didn’t want to start a fight with my mum about me not answering her.

He clears his throat, “Do you know who it was?”

“It was some guy named Luke.” I tell him, and take my hand out of his.

I set both hands on my lap, and make sure that my phone is still placed under my thigh like I had placed it. Mum would be pissed if she saw that I brought it.

The lady, Liz, walks back in the room, and starts to set all of the food on the table.

My mum stands up, "Can i help you with that?"

"You sure can. I just have a couple more things that i need brought out. Is that okay?" Liz asks, and sets the pot that she had down.

The two ladies disappear into the kitchen, and that leaves dad and i in the place by ourselves.

My dad turns to me, "How's Ashton?"

"He's good! Apparently, he's been hanging out with a guy named Michael lately. He says that he's excited for the... trip we're taking to Ireland." I tell him, hesitating when i start talking about the trip. My mum doesn't approve of the trip, but my dad thinks it'll be good for me.

He pats my back, "That's good that he's found another friend! When are you going on the trip?"

"We're going--" i start telling him, but i get cut off.

A blonde boy starts walking in the dining room, looking like he's on his way to the kitchen. He had his head down, and his hair was dripping wet. He had a towel hanging loosely around his waist, nothing else. "Mum!" He calls out, not having looked up yet.

My dad clears his throat, and the boys head snaps up. His eyes meet mine, and they immediately fill with recognition and embarrassment.

Luke, the boy from the office, was standing before my father and I.


I hold my hands up to him and wiggle all of my fingers, and he looks at the red marks all over my hands. Then i smile cheekily down at him, and he blushes like crazy.

Liz walks out the kitchen, and she goes red when she sees the boy standing naked with only a towel to cover him. "Luke! Go get some clothes on!"

He hurries out of the room, and up the stairs.

What a great surprise.

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