Who || A Pregnancy Book ||

Me and my cousin decided to go to the bar one night. I never knew I would wake up in someone else's bed.

Kate and her cousin Melissa are only 16 years old. They go to the bar and each go home with a boy. Kate goes home with Niall Horan, not even knowing its him, and Melissa goes home with no one important. Melissa knew who Kate went home with, and so when they both find out they are pregnant, she tricks everyone into thinking she is the mother of Niall's baby. But will Kate and Niall find out?


1. Prologue

Kate's P.O.V.

"Melissa this isn't a good idea." I pleaded her to change her mind. "Why?" She looked at me with her blue eyes. "Because we cant go into the bar. We're only 16." I ran my hands through my light brown hair. "So? Thats what fake I.D.'s are for." She laughed and handed me a fake I.D. "But what if we get to drunk and go home with someone?" She flipped her golden hair. "Then we give them the night of their lives.

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