Who || A Pregnancy Book ||

Me and my cousin decided to go to the bar one night. I never knew I would wake up in someone else's bed.

Kate and her cousin Melissa are only 16 years old. They go to the bar and each go home with a boy. Kate goes home with Niall Horan, not even knowing its him, and Melissa goes home with no one important. Melissa knew who Kate went home with, and so when they both find out they are pregnant, she tricks everyone into thinking she is the mother of Niall's baby. But will Kate and Niall find out?


3. Chapter Two

Kate's P.O.V.

We arrived at the mall, 500 dollars in each of our wallets."We need the perfect outfit for tonight!" Melissa smiled. "Ug fine. But if you get pregnant, dont get made when I say 'I told you so' alright." She frowned. "Im not getting pregnant." She stated. "Ya, thats what they all say." I rolled my eyes. "Oooo look at this dress!" She smiled and ran into one of the stores. "Look! It would look so perfect on you!" She showed the dress to me. I had to admit, it was very pretty. It was a strapless sky blue dress with a black belt that was just below my breasts. "Wow, its gorges!" I smiled. "You HAVE to buy it! Look its only 200 dollars!" She smiled. "Alright, fine." I grabbed the dress and went to pay. "Oo look at this one!" I said. "Perfect for you." I gave her the dress. It was the same as mine only hot pink and sparkly. "Wow its perfect!" She smiled and went to pay. "Alright now shoes and accessories." She said excited. "Look at those!" I pointed at some pink sparkly heels. "They TOTALLY go with your dress." She squealed and ran inside to buy them. "Oh look, those boots are perfect for you!" She said pointing at some boots that went to just below my knees. They were a brown colour but I loved them. "Totally!" I bought them and sighed. "Only 100 dollars for accessories." She laughed. "So? 100 bucks is plenty." She smiled.


"Alright we are home." We had spent all of our 500 dollars with about 20 bucks with to spare for tonight. "OK get ready. We are leaving in a hour." She said and I ran to the bathroom. I ran the water and jumped into the shower. I scrubbed my hair and my body clean. I then shaved my legs and my arm pits because I dont want to be hairy. Thats weird.

I got out of the shower and looked at my phone. "Shit." I mumbled. It was only at 10% so I plugged it in.

I blow dried my hair and put my dress on. "Wow." I smiled. I lightly curled my brown hair.

I applied bronze eyeshadow to my eyelids because it looks good with my green eyes. I applied some mascara and some lip gloss. I loved my lip gloss because it tastes and smells like skittles. "Alright Im done." I smiled at myself and grabbed my phone. It was now at 95%. "Good." I smiled and walked to my cousins door. "You done?" I said. "Yep." Melissa walked out of her room and she looked stunning. "Wow you look great." We both said at the same time. If it wasn't for our different coloured hair and eyes we could be twins. Oh and I have bigger boobs but she has a nicer bum. "Come on lets go." I said and slipped my boots on. "OK, lets go."

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