Who || A Pregnancy Book ||

Me and my cousin decided to go to the bar one night. I never knew I would wake up in someone else's bed.

Kate and her cousin Melissa are only 16 years old. They go to the bar and each go home with a boy. Kate goes home with Niall Horan, not even knowing its him, and Melissa goes home with no one important. Melissa knew who Kate went home with, and so when they both find out they are pregnant, she tricks everyone into thinking she is the mother of Niall's baby. But will Kate and Niall find out?


2. Chapter One

Kate's P.O.V.

"WAKE. THE. HELL. UP!" I shot up out of bed as a bucket of ice water was thrown over my head. "WHAT THE HELL!" I screeched. "You said that we could go shopping today." My cousin crossed her arms and pouted. "Oh. That." I rolled my eyes and laid back down. "Ah crap." I huffed. "What?" My cousin walked to the side of my bed. "I cant go back to sleep in this bed. Its soaked and cold." Melissa started to laugh. "OK, well I guess you dont want me to go shopping with you." I smirked and she stopped laughing. "Sorry. I just really wanted to go shopping today!" He pouted again. "And why is that?" I asked. "Well, I wanted to go buy a new outfit, because tonight we are going to be doing something fun." She smirked. "Oh really? Is this "fun" thing OK for two 16 year olds to be doing?" I asked. Melissa was always doing things she knew she wasn't aloud to do. And she would always drag me into them. "Well... Not really..." She looked out the window. "Melissa what are you trying to get us into?" I was standing up tapping my foot like her mother at this point. "Well I ordered some fake I.D.'s for us and I was thinking, we could go to the bar tonight." She jumped up and down clearly excited. "WHAT!" I yelled. We were lucky, me and her moved out of our parents house because we got kicked out when Melissa got herself in trouble and I just happened to be her helper. So we moved in together and have been living together for a year. So if we had been living at home one of our parents would have herd us and... Well that would be pretty bad. "Oh come on it would be fun. Lots of kids our age do it!" She smiled. "Melissa..." She cut me off. "Please?" She begged. "Ug, fine. But no going home with any boys OK?" A asked. "Fine. Now lets go SHOPPING!" She screeched. I know this is a bad idea, but as long as I dont get to drunk.

Niall's P.O.V.

"We cant go to the bar. One of us mite get to drunk and go home with a fan." I said. "Oh come on Niall. Thats not going to happen." Harry said. "You dont know that." I pointed at him. "Niall just because you dont like having fun doesnt mean we cant have any." Liam pointed at me. "But Liam you have a girlfriend, and so do Louis and Zayn." I pointed out stepping closer to Liam. "Well..." I stepped back. "What?" I asked. "I sorta broke up with her." I was shocked. "You too?" Louis asked. "What do you mean 'Too'?" Zayn asked Louis. "Me and El broke up." Louis looked down at the floor. "Holy shit." Harry said. "Thats why me and Liam came up with the idea to go to the bar tonight." Louis explained. "Well, I guess if its for you two, then I guess its OK with me." I said giving up. "Yes!" All the boys cheered. Bad idea Niall. Bad idea. But I just ignored the little voice telling me No.

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