2. Rejects

Today I had to take the public bus and it smelled

Gross and all these weird men were starring at

Me and yet not the girl I saw a couple roes up

She was wearing a crop top and a mini skirt

And all I was wearing was ripped black jeans

A "All Time Low" tang top some vans and a

beanie then I got off the bus and walked over to my

School and found my way to the library and then listened to

"All Time Low" and then it was 15 minutes till mat so I started

Making my way then my cousin texted me and I wasn't

Paying attention and i ran into a very tall guy with blonde hair

in a quiff and a lip ring and a "Nirvana" tee shirt then I asked

We're the math room was and he said "here I'll show you" then

He asked what I was listening to and i told him love like war

By all time low and he smiled and asked if I wanted to sit with

him at lunch and in said sure and then finally after social it

Was lunch and I walked into the lunch room and it was easy to

Spot him cause he's like 6,4 and I sat down at the table and he

Said "Oh oh ya I never got your name" "it's rain"

"well I'm Luke and this is Calum,Michel and Ashton he said

pointing at the three other people at the table "hey hottie" said

Michel then Calum said "shut up Michel a lovely lady like

Rain is way out of your league" "well rain you are lovely and

You can call me ash and were sorta the outcasts if you couldn't

Tell" then Michel blurted out "ya were the rejects" then Luke

Added "only cause no one els in this living he'll has a Brain"

"Hey rain do you want to come to Luke's house after school?"

"Sure" I said "but I can't drive" then Ashton said "it's ok I can

And I'll drive you" "ok" I said

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