1. American Idiot

So starting today I'm

Starting a new school and honestly I'm scared

Cause I used to go to a private school

And this school is an art school and it's a lot

Different starting with the fact I know live in

New York in my own apartment with my cousin

Marisa and she's 19 so I can live with

Her even though I'm only 16

So I'm no longer a scidecin of London

And I never really fit in at my old school

Mostly cause I never wore my uniform cause I

Think it's plane stupid and no one

Understood me so I thought that if I move to

America go to a art school and start

Righting in this 99 cent journal will help me

Understand myself well at least my mom

Thinks so she also thinks that I

Secretly like uniforms well any ways

It's 3:00am so I have too go to school

Tomorrow so good night.

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