Emotional Murder Scene

A very powerful poem about being taken advantage of repeatedly. Find the strength to stop coming back.


1. Emotional Murder Scene

you left me on the highway
and let the cars crush my bones.
you pushed me off the bridge
and let me fall into the pain.
it's all the same.
nothing's changed.
it doesn't even matter if you're here
it all hurts just the same.
like a car crash in my mind
my brain falls to my feet
a bloody disgrace of what you've left behind.
screams drowned out by the silence
I could never scream loud enough.
you kept me behind closed doors.
stitched my lips and sewed buttons over my eyes.
maybe speech is a privilege and so are tears,
so I should take advantage of them when I'm talking to my bedroom walls.
I'd be lying if I said I'd never let you in.
but id be lying if I said i wanted you.
you're a beautifully ugly thing
and your words are so sweet
but your thoughts are blades.
cutting through my mind,
always on my mind.
it's a battle that I'm losing
and you're keeping me alive
while you're killing me inside.


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