Mystery Dancer

Liv was a girl from New York City, USA. All that changed when she won the biggest ballet competition in the world and got the chance to move to Sydney, Australia. There, she becomes a student at the Australian Academy of Dance. Will Liv become the prima ballerina she is aspiring to be... Or will something or someone distract her and get in the way of her career.


3. Welcome to Australia

"Wow that was a long flight" I said in relief as I got off the plane. I was completely jet legged and need to get to my dorm because I need to unpack and sleep I have class tomorrow. Once arrived at the dorm I met my new roomie for the year. She was obviously from here I could tell by the accent.

"Hello, my name is Alice, Alice Maze! "

"Cool, I'm Olivia Karamacov, but you can call me Liv."

"That's a long last name is it Russian?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, it is. My grandmother is Russian, but I'm born and raised in America." I said.

"Haha yeah I can tell, you've got the accent!" She said.

"Haha I guess I am the one with the accent here haha!", I laughed.

"Is it you're first year here?" Said Alice

"Yup I got the whole jet leg and confused where am I going look, don't I? I see that look on tourist faces all the time. I lived in New York City." I said as I started to unpack my things.

"We'll that just means that you have me as a friend now and I'll wipe the confused look off your face by giving you a tour of the academy! I have been here my entire dance career, so I know it pretty good!!", She said with a lot of excitement!

"That would be awesome, thanks so much!" I said.

"No need to thank me, just doing my job as your first friend on the entire continent of Australia!" She giggled.

"We'll then sound good to me haha" we laughed together.

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