Mystery Dancer

Liv was a girl from New York City, USA. All that changed when she won the biggest ballet competition in the world and got the chance to move to Sydney, Australia. There, she becomes a student at the Australian Academy of Dance. Will Liv become the prima ballerina she is aspiring to be... Or will something or someone distract her and get in the way of her career.


1. Pilot

"Olivia it's about time you got to class!" , her mom yelled from downstairs!

"I know I'm almost ready!", I said.

Today's the day we are getting ready for the YAGP, the Youth America Grand Prix finals, right here I'm my city, New York. So, I didn't wake up just like any other day to get ready for class, no! I made sure I had every thing on point. Haha, no pun intended. My dance bag is organized to a "T". My pointe shoes are perfectly broken in for the competition and the pair I'm wearing to class are too. And not only are my shoes perfect so is my hair, back in a ballet bun with a small braid going into it to add a little flare!

I said good bye to my mom and dad and headed to In Motion dance studio downtown were I go to class every day for six hours where I have, technique class and ballet first and second, then pointe, a short break then I go to modern contemporary and jazz, also a short character class and occasionally Pilates. Then, after all that I have 1-2 hours of home schooling each day. But today is different because we have the YAGP coming up and that could determine my entire dance future! I have to rock it!!!!

When I got to the studio I signed in then got information to go into studio A where we would talk about the competition tomorrow and then go to our classes.

When I got back from dance as usual my family had dinner ready all health foods of course. Sometimes I wish we could just eat pizzas like a normal family. But we aren't a normal family, my entire family is extremely talented in one thing or another my mom and dad are both dancers. Which is why I feel pressured to do great dance things all the time. They both danced in the New York City Ballet company. As for my little brother he is a champion hockey player, one of the best at his age. So that means no pizzas for us my mom says if I want to be good I have to eat good, which makes sense, unless you're craving ice cream!!

After dinner I headed off to bed, but before I go to sleep I need to lay out my tutu for tomorrow's competition and make sure it's perfect! My choreography is a new take on a classic, the black swan! And my second piece is Gisselle and that has a romantic style tutu instead of a pancake like the black swan. So, I just leave that one hanging in my closet for now. Since that was all settled I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.

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