Mystery Dancer

Liv was a girl from New York City, USA. All that changed when she won the biggest ballet competition in the world and got the chance to move to Sydney, Australia. There, she becomes a student at the Australian Academy of Dance. Will Liv become the prima ballerina she is aspiring to be... Or will something or someone distract her and get in the way of her career.


9. Early Bird Gets The Worm

The next day I got there early, like really early. I made sure I was looking as good as I could, I mean I was going to practice and I was going to be working.

I was on the stage practicing my solo to Mrs. All American and Good Girls when he walked in.

"Hey, Liv how's it goin!" Luke said in a chill tone as he walked over to me and came up onto the stage.

"Nothing much." I said a little about of breath. "Just about to practice bits and pieces of my pas de duex with Reece or in non ballet terms my duet with him. Do you want to help?", I asked hoping he would say yes because that would mean he would have to dance with me.

"Sure!", Luke said what I think was excitedly. At least I hope.

"But I don't know anything about dance or ballet." He said a little shyly.

"That's ok come over here." I said as I pointed behind me. He walked over to the spot behind me

"Ok good now I'm going to go into an arabesque, which is this. I said as I showed him and he watched. "Now when u do that come close to me grab under the thigh of my leg that's in the air and under my right hip. When you do that I'm going to lift the leg I'm standing on and bring my toe to touch the knee of the leg your holding. Ok?" I asked to see if he understood.

"I think I got it." He said but i could tell he did not get it.

"You have to lift me so you going to need some muscle, but you got that already don't you?" I asked trying to flirt a bit.

"Of course!" Luke said as he flexes his arm muscles and said like a super hero,"You're in safe hands Liv."

"Haha, ok" I giggled.

I when into arabesque and Luke came up grabbed under my thigh and right hip. "That's good now hold tight I said and brought my leg up and he did.

"That wasn't so hard. Maybe I should be a ballet boy. " He said jokingly.

"Well to be a ballet boy you have to be able to spin." I said to him and showed him a fueté and he tried it and epically failed and fell on his rump. I tried not to laugh to hard and ended up letting out a few giggles as I walked over to help him up.

"Hey don't laugh at me I'm a beginner", he joked as he hoped up with the help of my hand. At this point we were face to face only inches apart.

"Are you ok?", I asked staring into his eyes as he stared back into mine.

"I am now." He said all sweetly intense as if it were a line straight out if a cheesy dance movie. Luke began to lean in, like he was about to kiss me! I backed away and someone walked into the theater. Perfect timing I though as I said to Luke,"Well I better continue to warm up people are starting to get here." I said as more dancers continued to enter.

"Oh, ok." Luke said disappointed as he turned around and slowly walked away toward his band mates that had just arrived. He looked back and I smiled and waved like and idiot and he smiled a little. It's not that I didn't want to kiss him, I did, trust me! Its just that, I have never kissed anyone before and we aren't even dating. I don't wanna be some rock stars dancer fling, ya know.

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