Mystery Dancer

Liv was a girl from New York City, USA. All that changed when she won the biggest ballet competition in the world and got the chance to move to Sydney, Australia. There, she becomes a student at the Australian Academy of Dance. Will Liv become the prima ballerina she is aspiring to be... Or will something or someone distract her and get in the way of her career.


6. Casting Call

Liv's pov

When I got to class on Monday the teacher had exciting news for the entire class. She said, "There is going to be a new ballet that the director is creating and he wants to use the students for it. That's why he has been coming in to observe the classes for the past week. He has been assessing your dancing and character in an untraditional way because, this is so ordinary ballet. This is a modern ballet about a boy and a girls ups and downs in life. We are using the music of 5 Seconds of Summer and they will be here tomorrow at rehearsals on the stage."

A few girls in the class got really fan girly but I didn't I only was ever aloud to listen to music my parent thought would benefit my dancing career. Which I think is all music and apparently I was right! I did listen to music I wasn't suppose to behind my parents back. I would go to this record store down town and listen to all the old stuff like Alannis Morissette, Green Day and Blink-182 which if ya think about it isn't that old compared to the ballet stuff my parents force fed me! Haha! But I never got the chance to listen to Five Seconds of Summers music. But I didn't have time to think about that I would study later! I was to busy thinking about when and were the list of who is playing who in the ballet! Oh, I really want a lead.

Then my question was answered because I then heard the teacher say, "Your unconventional audition results will be posted on the board outside the classroom after class. Now get to your spots, let's dance!"

I waited a little longer in the studio and took my time getting my shoes off. If I didn't get the part I wanted I didn't want to look disappointed in front a large amount of people that might have GOT the part they WANTED! By the time I got out there most of the people were gone. I walked up to the board and right at the top of the list, my name next to the leading lady's name Violet. I GOT THE PART!!!!!! I'm so excited I can't wait to tell Alice!!! I wonder what she got!! WAIT!!! I have to check who my leading man is. I looked one name under mine and the leading mans who is playing the character Carter was... Reece!! Oh. No. This is bad!

You see, Reece has a reputation for making his leading lady's his girlfriends then once they, you know... Hook up, they break up. But it's all good I won't let him make me his girl friend. No sir, but I don't know how ill trust him as a dance partner, ugh I need to talk to Alice.

Once I got to the dorm room I was hit by a hug! Alice was there!!

"Congrats on the lead gurl!!!!!", said Alice.

"Thanks, what did you get!", I asked?

"Well, there aren't that many parts besides the two leads so I got a solo and then I'm in the core." She said a little disappointed.

"That's great Alice!"' I said enthusiastically to cheer her up!

"Yeah I guess", she said.

"You know Reece is your partner for this ballet, right?", Alice asked as if I already didn't know.

"Yeah, you know his reputation right. Well that's not happenin to me!", I said confidently.

"Yes, I know his reputation and it has disappeared because I'm his girl friend!" She said to me excitedly telling me she had a boyfriend for the first time.

"That's great Alice! I've never had a boy friend before. Is it nice? I bet it's nice.", I said with a sigh. Can you believe it I'm 17 years old and I have never had a boyfriend.

"Aw sweetie, you'll find the one someday!", Alice said to cheer me up.

"It's just that I never have the time my life revolves around dance. That's the only thing I know really well! Relationships, not so much. ...but there was this one guy I literally ran into last week. He was super nice and helped me find the dorms again. All I got was his name though cause I was running late.", I explained.

"Well what was his name then!!!", Alice said in anticipation!

"His name was Luke." I said picturing they way he was so nice to me even though I looked like a complete confused mess.

"Anyway we should go to bed. It's getting late and tomorrow we start practice and meet the band. Goodnight!", I said sleepily.

"Goodnight.", Alice said yawning after a ling day of dance.

The next day I woke up went to my classes then got to the Sydney opera house at 4:00pm extra early so I would have time to stretch and warm up before rehearsals started. Apparently I was the only one with the idea of being extra early because I was the first one there.

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