Mystery Dancer

Liv was a girl from New York City, USA. All that changed when she won the biggest ballet competition in the world and got the chance to move to Sydney, Australia. There, she becomes a student at the Australian Academy of Dance. Will Liv become the prima ballerina she is aspiring to be... Or will something or someone distract her and get in the way of her career.


10. A Date It Is!

After practice Luke came up to me.

"Hey Liv, I was wondering if you had time to go out," he paused "on a date?" He said all shy and sweet.

"Sure! I would love to! With who, Calum I think he's really hot!", I said giggling and jokingly to make Luke less nervous.

"Nooooooo, with me!" He said dragging out the O in no.

"Well, I guess you'll have to do." I said smiling and nudging his shoulder playfully making him smile.

"I'll pick you up at 11:00 am tomorrow because we have a day off remember?", Luke said.

"I remember. It will be nice to have a day off and even better I get to spend it with you!" I said all excited.

"Wear a swim suit we are gunna go ta the beach!" Luke said, which I freaked out to!!!

"I haven't been to the beach since I got here! This is gonna be awesome! You knew exactly were I wanted to go!!!", I said all excited and what not.

"Glad you like it! See ya there!", Luke said with a big smile as he walked away with Ashton, Calum and Michael who all looked very proud of him.

Luke's pov

"Someone's going on a date with a hot dancerrrrr!", said Michael

"Don't screw it up!", Calum added jokingly

"I won't! Hopefully." I replied

"I wanna date with a hot dancer.", Ashton whined

"Don't worry mate there's plenty of fish in the sea." Said Calum

"Not to mention lots of dancers where we go each day to rock out." , Added Michael.

"Yeah dude you'll find someone", I said.

"Haha yeah yeah!", laughed Ashton.

"So, I'm really nervous. To be honest. Guys she is witty and pretty and sweeet.", I said.

"You'll be fine!", they all said together.

"You're a lady killer!" Said Ashton laughing with a hint of sarcasm.

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