She's All That

"So that's what I am to you? A bet?"

Justin Bieber and his friends made a bet to transform quirky Daisy Flores into
the new prom queen. What could possibly go wrong?


1. "I can turn any girl into a prom queen."

As some of you may know, one of the most important moments of high school is prom. Girls buy pretty dresses, do their hair, make sure their nails are pretty and when they're done, a guy will be waiting for her underneath the stairs. That's just the way it's supposed to be and if you didn't have a date, you're simply said just lame.

But if you think about it, prom is actually an awful thing. Because besides the fact that people put so much effort in winning the title of 'prom king or prom queen', as soon as they hear they haven't won the crown they wanted so badly, their night would be ruined. The night that was supposed to be the best night of the year, maybe even the best night of all their years of high school. 

Was it all really worth it? All the effort, all the votes?

Because let's be real, at the end of the night there only would be two winners. 


Daisy Flores

"..though he be tried and he be bold, and swearing death should he be cold, he'll run the path the others went.. but you, my sweet, are different."

I sighed at the romantic poem I was reading. The author was such a good writer, it was almost like I could feel his emotions. I felt the warmth in my heart whenever he was writing about love, but I could also get goosebumps when he wrote sad poem. We needed more artists like these in the world.

"Daisy, we're here!" My twin brother Tyler said as he knocked on the car window, shaking me out of my thoughts. I hadn't even realized we arrived already.

I put the book in my schoolbag and got out of the car. It was a Monday morning, one of my favorites. Especially at this time of the year, summer had just begun which meant the sun was shining bright even though it was just morning but there was also a chilly breeze. It was fascinating how happy weather like this could make a person. I guess I was just grateful for this weather, that's all.

I was grateful for the smallest things actually, my Grandma always told me that the smallest things are the ones that count. The smell after rain, sunrises, the sound of birds chipping in the morning... 

"Dais, hurry up. We're going to be late!" Tyler freaked out, causing me to chuckle. He was acting way too paranoid, the bell wouldn't even ring for another ten minutes. We made our way to our locker and halfway Tyler and I said goodbye. His locker was practically on the other side of the building, luckily for me. I wouldn't want to see what a mess my brother's locker was.

As I arrived at the spot where my locker was, I opened it and put some books in it I wouldn't need for the next few periods. I frowned as I saw a pen in my locker that wasn't supposed to be there. I shook my head, picked it up and threw it in the trash can. I don't know who even put it there. But, unlike my brother, I like to keep my locker neat.

I closed my locker and headed towards the classroom where I had my first period. On my way I saw Allison Montgomery and a few friends of her standing in the hallway, doing each other's hair. I snickered and rolled with my eyes. In the corner of my eyes, I saw how Allison pushed her 'friends' aside as soon as she noticed me. She made her way towards the direction where I was standing and I inwardly prayed she was heading to someone who was standing behind me.

"Well, well, if it isn't little Daisy.." She mumbled as she faked a smile. 

I nodded, smiling softly at her. "Goodmorning, Allison."

She cocked her eyebrows at me when I said her full name. At first she seemed angry, but after a few seconds her smile grew only bigger. It was almost creepy. "So you're calling me by my full name now, huh? What do you think we are, friends or something?"

I quickly shook my head, feeling my face heat up. I really didn't want to upset Allison Montgomery, I mean, no one really wanted that. I'm pretty sure that if the girl hates you, you're life's a mess. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't m-mean to-"

But someone yanked on my arm, pulling me away from Allison. Thank you, person who probably bruised my arm, I owe you one!

"Daisy, are we still going to study in the library after school?" Chloe asked. Chloe and I are in the same church choir, she also has a suspiciously high-pitched voice. 

I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest. "No, I'm sorry. Miss Bryant wants to give me some extra singing lessons, she think I should be a part of the school musical."

She nodded in understanding and quickly said me goodbye, before she walked over to her own class, and so did I.

I took a seat on the front row and I grabbed my books out of my bag. The classroom slowly filled with students and when everyone settled down, my English teacher, Mr. Dawson, started talking. "Goodmorning class, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. However, we're not going to discuss any of that now, you can do that after schooltime. We're actually going to talk about a classic movie I happened to watch this weekend. I suppose you've all heard from it, it's called Romeo and Juliet."

"Why would you even watch that?" Mike, a very annoying boy I luckily only have English and math with, chuckled. Everyone started laughing, causing me to roll my eyes. How could they even laugh about such a movie? Romeo and Juliet is a classic and shouldn't be laughed at!

"Quiet!" Mr. Dawson sternly said.

The time flew by and before I knew it, we had lunch break. I made my way outside and looked for Tyler. Tyler and I always spent our lunch breaks together, we're practically best friends. It's nice to have a brother like him, he isn't ashamed to be seen with me, unlike a whole lot of other people. I guess Tyler and I are just different from the rest of the students that go to Stratford High, but what's wrong with being different? The world would be such a boring place if everyone would be exact the same!

After a few more minutes looking for my brother, I finally found him sitting on the grassfield. He saw me too and waved at me. I flashed him a smile and just when I was about to wave back at him, someone bumped into me, causing me to fall on the floor.

"Ouch.." I growned, but no one seemed to notice it. Apparentely something else, something much more important, was going on. I quickly got up from the floor and frowned at all the people in front of me. What was going on?

I walked closer to have a better view, but stopped walking as soon as I saw it was Allison and her boyfriend Justin Bieber who were the reason for all this drama. I shook my head, turned around again and made my way over to Tyler and our lunch.

Justin Bieber

"Come on Allie, not in front of all these people!" I begged her. God, where was the man in me when I needed him?

She shook her head and flipped her hair. That's typical Allie, she flips her hair and thinks every single problem in the world would go away.

"Fine, I'll leave.. for good. I'm done here." And with those words, she walked away from me.

I shook my head, not completely realizing what just happened. Did Allie just seriously break up with me? Over some fucking guy from the tennis club? I can't believe it!

The people who were watching the fight only a minute ago, slowly walked away, going further with their pathetic lives. Didn't they have anything better to do? 

"Are you okay man?" Ryan asked and I nodded. It was not like I hadn't seen this coming. Allie is a great girl, but I'm also pretty sure she has no emotions whatsoever. She only dated me for.. Yeah, for what actually? For popularity? Votes for becoming prom queen? I had no idea. It was all my own fault, I just shouldn't have fallen in love with her in the first place.

"Yeah," I mumbled as we started walking. "It's just, I feel like such a fool. I'm pretty sure the entire school thinks I'm some kind of pussy now." I sighed, causing Ryan, Chaz and Mike to laugh. What was so funny?

"Don't worry man, no one will ever think Justin Bieber's a pussy! You're the man, they'll even kiss your fucking feet if you ask them to," Chaz grinned. 

He was right. I was Justin Bieber, son of Jeremy Bieber, the most powerful man of whole fucking Stratford! I'll always be the man, no matter what the fuck happens. Some cheap ass chick can not ruin that for me.

"I know. And besides, I still can get every girl I want," I grinned.

Ryan laughed and passed the ball over to me. I catched it and grinned. "And it's her loss, she won't be the prom queen she wants to be so badly. Because let's be real, every girl I'll take to that fucking prom will be the prom queen, as long as she's my date."

"Woah, woah, woah, Bieber! No need to get cocky now! Wasn't your ass dumped about only a few minutes ago?" Mike laughed, shaking his head at me.

I shrugged, still standing by my point. I was right, I could make a queen of any girl of this school.

"Well, if that's how you wanna play it.. Fine, what about a bet? I pick a girl to be your date for prom and you make her the prom queen?" Mike said, making me laugh. Did he really just say that? Oh, it's on.

"Go ahead. Like I said, I can turn any girl into a prom queen."

He nodded and started looking around for girls. Who did he think he was? Did he seriously think I was going to lose this fucking bet? Think again, because Justin Bieber never loses. 

After a few more minutes, Mike started smiling like a crazy person. I looked at him with an amusing smile on my face.

"Spill it." I said, mentally preparing myself for which girl Mike had chosen.

Mike, Ryan and Chaz looked at each other with a grin on their faces and Mike nodded towards a person behind me. I frowned and turned around. As soon as I realized they picked fucking Daisy Flores as my prom date, my face dropped.

I shook my head and put my hands on my head. "No, no, no!" I yelled. "Not Daisy Flores, it can't be her!"

The guys laughed their asses off, making me even more pissed off.

"I thought you could turn any girl into a prom queen?" Mike shrieked. He was right, I said that. But Daisy Flores? I don't know, she was just so.. weird. 

I looked at the boys with a grin on my face, straighting my back. For a moment I thought I couldn't do this, but then again, I'm Justin Bieber remember?

"Oh, it's a bet!"




So obviously this story is based on the movie 'She's All That', I'm trying to make it as original as possible though! Thanks for reading, please comment/like/favorite? :)

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