The Unknown Legend

Stella Gia Eagan is a tomboy. She loves things that boys love like cars, fighting, sports and other stuff. Her best friend, Audrey is the complete opposite but they are some how they are able to co-exist and live together. When Audrey get tickets to Monday Night Raw and the opportunity of a lifetime happens when Stella ends up in the ring with Eve Torres, she starts living the life of a wrestler but what happens when love starts to get involved? Sparks will fly, hearts will be broken, and trust and loyalty will be tested.


1. Prologue

~~My name is Stella Gia Eagan. I don’t take bullshit from people. I am the kind of person who is willing to say how I feel to your face. I mean I’m not mean or rude all of the time, I am probably the nicest person you will meet. That is until you do something to push my limits and lose the trust and respect that I had for you. I have gotten into fights with people because of the things that I have said. I am sort of a girly tomboy. I love cars, sports, and other. I do boxing because of my past as in my childhood. Not only because of my childhood but also because of my past relationships. In the past my boyfriends have put their hands on me and left bruises on me. I started to take boxing so that I can defend myself. My childhood is somewhat part of the reason why I am the way I am.

When I was ten, my mom got rid of my alcoholic father. She always tried to make happy moments even though she complained a lot. Like whenever she had the chance to complain she did. Life was tough. She had extremely high bills and the paychecks from her job wasn't enough but she never let that be the fact that she bought me everything that I needed. I never really liked the fact that the money she should be spending on bills were going towards clothes and shoes for me. I mean she even but me in dance classes. I had a love and an ear for music since I was a baby so she enrolls me in music classes and I learned to play multiple instruments. I mean it was nice however the bills they piled on. I was a child so I didn't object to what she did. Life was okay until I turned twelve.

When I was twelve years old, that is when all hell broke loose in my life. That year my mother was drunk almost every night. This was because my motherfucking god mother. She encouraged my mother's terrible behavior. I was beaten, punched, cut, slapped, spit at and more. At one point, I couldn't take living with her anymore so I packed a suitcase and ran away to my best friend’s house. She and her family accepted me and let me live with them. I would go back to my old house and get other things out of my room overnight. Audrey, my best friend, would go with me. She and I finished high school and are going to college together and we also live together. I have to say life can't get any better.

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