The Unknown Legend

Stella Gia Eagan is a tomboy. She loves things that boys love like cars, fighting, sports and other stuff. Her best friend, Audrey is the complete opposite but they are some how they are able to co-exist and live together. When Audrey get tickets to Monday Night Raw and the opportunity of a lifetime happens when Stella ends up in the ring with Eve Torres, she starts living the life of a wrestler but what happens when love starts to get involved? Sparks will fly, hearts will be broken, and trust and loyalty will be tested.


2. Chapter 1

~~I’m sitting in my room typing up my notes for my upcoming test in my pediatric class, when Audrey comes rushing in with a huge smile on her face. She runs in and takes a huge jump before dropping herself on her back on my bed like she was going to jump into our pool in the backyard.
“Guess what I just bought?” she says with excitement.
“Is it something that I will enjoy or something that I am later going to regret,” I say taking a deep breath while closing my laptop. As she continues to hop on my bed, I put my laptop, books, and papers on the floor next to my backpack and I joined Audrey on my bed. 
“It is something that you are absolutely, definitely, one hundred percently going to enjoy,” she announces with the same smile that she entered with. 
“What is it?” I reply as excitement started to enter my body. She whips out surprisingly wrinkle free tickets. I take the tickets from her and it read:
WWE Presents  
WWE Raw Live!  
No Laser Pens/Cameras
Staples Center Los Angeles, CA
As soon as I finished reading the ticket, I began to scream to the top of my lungs as if I am screaming for my life. I tackle her with a hug. I held onto her while screaming thank you. 
“You’re welcome,” she screams while trying to pry me off of herself. However I was stronger than her and I let go since I felt that I was going to kill her if I continued to hug her.
“Thank you for not killing me.”
“You are very welcome!” I said getting off of the bed, “Wait, where are the tickets?” She and I looked all over the floor and it ends up being under the bed. I took them and put them in my nightstand. We left the room and went downstairs and got some cereal and we watched Dance Moms on demand. We watched it for about an hour and every time Abby’s girls won something I jumped up from my seat and cheered. After watching TV Audrey took a shower while I washed to bowls and spoons. 
Just as I am putting away the last bowl and spoon away, my phone started playing The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes. I immediately knew that it was ringing for an alarm. I took out of my pocket and it read: Boxing. I tapped stop on the screen and put it back in my pocket. I dried the bowls and spoons, put it in the bowl cabinet, and closed the cabinet. I put the spoon in the silverware drawer. I ran up the stairs and into my room. I went to my dresser and pulled out the last draw and took a white towel. I walked into the walk-in bathroom and pulled out my phone to play music. I love listen to music while I shower. I went to my playlist tapped on ‘Favorites’ and Dark Horse by Katy Perry started playing. I stripped out of my clothes and put the towel on the shower rack. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. I just let the hot water fall down my body. I grabbed my Garnier Fructis Shampoo and washed my hair. Then I added some conditioner. When I was done, I grabbed my towel off of the towel rack and wrapped myself. I opened the glass door, stepped out and closed it. I opened the bottom right drawer took out the blow dryer and a comb and started drying my hair. After twenty minutes, my hair was completely dry and I put it in a messy bun. Then I went to the walk in closet right next to the bathroom. I went to my sport area of the closet and put on a sports bra, went to my lingerie area and put on underwear. Then I went back to my sport area and put on my work out shorts. Then I turned around to look at my variety of shoes on the wall. After a minute, I chose my Jordan Retro 4 Shoes. I took them off of the wall, took a pair of socks from the drawer lower the shoes, put it on, and put on the sneakers. I walked to the back wall and looked for my mini duffel bag. When I found it, I went to my room, took my iPhone and charger, and put them in the outer pocket of the bag. I took my towel and put in the hamper in the laundry room. I rushed down the stairs and walked in to the kitchen to get two frozen water bottles. I put them in my bag as well. 
“Audrey, I’m leaving for boxing,” I yell as a grab my car keys from the bowl next to the door leading to the garage.  “Aww, you’re leaving to pursue one of your manly things,” she says coming down the stairs.
“Yes. I am leaving because currently my manly things are much nicer than you.”
“How is that?” 
“It helped me gain confidence after the bastard called Justin broke my soul and left bruises on me. It also helped me whoop ass.”
“Just go boxing.” She laughs than smacks my butt as I begin to walk to my car. I pressed the up arrow on the garage clicker to open the garage. I went to car, opened the door, threw the bag to the passenger side, started the car and backed up. Audrey came out to close the garage and yelled be careful before I sped off to the gym. When I got there all the guys came to welcome me since I haven't been there in about two or three weeks. I spared with Marcus.  I beat him but since we are such good friends we don’t that it personality when we beat each other. After sparing with a couple of guys and two girls, I go home. When I get there, Audrey is making food. 
“What’s up, beautiful?” I kiss her on the cheek.
“What’s up, handsome?” We kind of play a husband and wife kind role
“What’s for dinner?” 
“We will be having mashing potatoes, peach cobbler, steak, and broccoli with a strawberry banana smoothie.”
“Thank sound good.”
“And you know what? It will be great when you taste it.”
“So let me taste it.”
“Maybe after you take a shower cause you stink like damn Ella.”  She pinches her nose with her right hand and crosses her eyes and I laugh. I went upstairs to my room. I threw my bag on the bed. I grabbed another towel from the dresser and hopped in the shower and replayed my process for going to the gym. When I got in the closet, I put on a regular bra, a light pink tank top, a new underwear, and white shorts. I just let my wet hair flow and dry naturally except I got rid of the excess water with a towel. I went downstairs and Audrey was putting our dinner plates and drinks on the living room table. I got the silverware and we ate dinner while watching Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. After Ravenswood, I washed the dishes while Audrey went to her room to shower. When I was done, I went to my room and watched some other TV shows. After a while I turned off the TV and went to sleep. 
“Ella? Ella? Ella?” Audrey said with a scared voice.
“Yeah?” I said not even knowing what going on around me except that Audrey is waking me up in the middle of my sleep.
“Can I sleep with you? I’m scared of the thunder and lightning.”
“Sure.” She lifts the comforts and gets in the bed.
“Are you really afraid of thunder and lightning?”
“Yes, I am and I thought you knew that.”
“And I thought that when I stopped dating I wouldn’t have to share my bed with anyone anymore, but I guess we are both wrong.”
“Shut up and thank you.’
“Make me and your welcome. I’d do anything for my little girl.”
“I’m not little.”
“Compared to me you are little. Now good night.”
“Night.” With that we went to sleep in peace.

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