Won't you hold my hand

Hold my hand Harry Styles .��



Chapter One

Mallory's POV

The second my Stay With Me ringtone goes off I know it's Reagan.Reagan is my best friend I've known her since I was three , and I'm eighteen now. After a couple rings I pick up the phone. "On my way, Niall , Harry, movies , 15 minutes , dibs on Niall ."she yelled into her phone "K." I said. Niall was a cute blonde not my type though , now Harry on the other hand was just plain old hot. He was adorable in a very sexy way. I was wearing a floral dress with a black background. It was definitely to dressy but I didn't feel like changing. Harry pulled up to my house and honked. I walked outside and got in his BMW it was awkward. When we got to movie palace we met up with Reagan and Niall the were in line for the tickets. We saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 . I didn't really watch it though about twenty minutes in Harry grabbed my hand. I felt myself blushing. He smiled at me and continued watching the movie. I had talked to him once or twice before so I knew him. But I had no idea he liked me.

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