The day when...

Morgan, Maggie, Casey, and Phoebe were just regular seventeen year old girls who lived in Maine. What will happen when they get asked by who else but 5 seconds of summer to tour with them! Will couples break loose or will there be heartbreak!?


14. the mall

When we get to the mall we keep it on the down low because we don't want some psychopath fan to come over and attack Morgan after she got her cast off. We start to head into hot topic and Morgan finds us both matching green day shirts.

"What do you think?" She said putting it up to her.

"I love you!" I said without thinking.

Then all of a sudden she comes up to me and kisses me and in between kisses she looks at me and says...

"Lucas Robert Hemmings I thought you would never say that!" Then she kissed me again.

"It feels amazing to be with you Morgan!"

"Luke I love you too! But I think we have to go!"

"Why?" I said confused.

"Look at the huge mob of fans!"

"Shit!" I said.

We had to find a way out of the store but then I forgot that we were in Morgans hometown.

"Morgan?!" I hear a voice come from behind me.

"Oh my god! Lexi!" I hear Morgan say.

"Who's this Morgan?!" I see Morgans friend say.

"Oh lex this is my boyfriend Luke Hemmings!" Morgan says.

"Oh from 5sos! Well Luke let me tell you about Morgan! She used to come in every week to visit me and her favorite bands new items!" Then I saw Morgan blushing.

"Well let me tell you this I can see you guys are having a little trouble with getting out so I have a back entrance that I'm going to let you guys get out of so u can leave!" Lexi said. She looked around 25 and she was super nice.

"Thanks so much Lexi!" I said.

"No problem Luke! Come back soon guys! It's been hell without you coming to visit Morgan!"

"It can't be that bad!" Morgan said. Then she went out to the car and I was about to go but Lexi stopped me and gave me a hot topic bag.

"I saw you looking at these!" It had the two green day shirts in them!

"Oh my god thanks Lexi I will give this to her for her birthday!"

"Good there is a card in there for her from me too so don't forget about that!" She said.


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