The day when...

Morgan, Maggie, Casey, and Phoebe were just regular seventeen year old girls who lived in Maine. What will happen when they get asked by who else but 5 seconds of summer to tour with them! Will couples break loose or will there be heartbreak!?


17. the birthday surprise

Morgans POV

When everyone leaves except Luke I know what I wanted to do in our little date! I wanted to watch the anchorman 1-2! So Luke and I went out in the living room and we started to watch the movie and then I couldn't resist but stare at Luke the whole time. He must have saw me cause he asked what I was staring at and i just said 'I love you!'

"Luke I'm ready!"

"You are?!"


"Are you sure?!"

"Oh just take me to the bedroom!" Luke the. Picked me up bridal style to the bedroom.

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