The day when...

Morgan, Maggie, Casey, and Phoebe were just regular seventeen year old girls who lived in Maine. What will happen when they get asked by who else but 5 seconds of summer to tour with them! Will couples break loose or will there be heartbreak!?


6. the big news

I sat next to Luke in the front when he was driving, Maggie sat next to Ashton, phoebe sits next to Michael and Casey sat next to Calum. We all really liked them they were all talking together and Luke and i had our own small conversation.


So do u like Sydney so far?

"I love it I've always wanted to come here!"

"REALLY! Well maybe I can give you a tour of everything here!"

"That would be great! But I think we have to leave in a couple of days because you just wanted to meet us or that's what it said on the email!"

"you didn't get the follow up email were we told you to bring like a months load of clothes?"

"no we just got one email saying that said that you wanted to meet us!"

"well i left that email up to-"

you could tell Luke was gonna get mad at someone.

"Michael i told you to send that email!"

"oh yah i forgot to send them the email!" said Michael.

"yah no shit Michael!"

"its fine don't stress we can get ourselves new clothes!"

"We can give you money to go to hot topic and pac sun."

"are you sure we really just met you like ten minutes ago!"

"nah its fine it feels like i've known you forever!" Luke ads with a wink.

at that point i feel like a fangirl when the truth is im really a tomboy i mean i skateboard, surf, dont wear makeup, and most of my friends are boys cause they are way nicer than the same old bitchy girls.

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