The day when...

Morgan, Maggie, Casey, and Phoebe were just regular seventeen year old girls who lived in Maine. What will happen when they get asked by who else but 5 seconds of summer to tour with them! Will couples break loose or will there be heartbreak!?


12. getting out of the hospital

"Luke can you hold my hand!? I'm afraid!"

"Yeah of course I can baby!"

"Thanks I know it's just putting on a cast but I'm scared!"

"Don't worry I'm always here for you!" Luke said.

"Luke it means a lot to me that you want to be with me!" I felt bad not telling Luke that I still cut because he is so sweet and I don't want to ruin anything.

"Alright mrs. Hemmings you're all set." The doctor said.

"Um Luke?" I said confused.

"Oh since you were kinda asleep I had to put you under my last name because they had no evidence of you."

"Oh that makes sense." I said.

"Alright we are just gonna give you your crutches and then you can get out of this boring room." Said the doctor.

"Okay thanks." then I get up Luke gets the crutches from the doctor and Luke and I leave.

As I look outside from the car window everything is just so blank. The buildings, the cars, the sky, everything. Then I sigh and Luke looks over at me.

"Are you happy to be out of that torchure?"

"Yeah but it's gonna be forever before this comes off and I'm gonna have to go like this on stage!"

"Morgan it's only gonna be two weeks it was barely a break."

"I know but I'm gonna miss seeing my toes for two weeks!"

"This is why I love you!!!"

"I love you too Lucas Hemmings!!!"

I'm so glad he loves me! Without him I would be a lost girl!

We get back and I see a huge poster that says we missed you Morgan! And the. I saw the guys pop up with the girls!

"Surprise!!!" The all say at the same time.

"Oh my god I missed you guys so much!!!"

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