The day when...

Morgan, Maggie, Casey, and Phoebe were just regular seventeen year old girls who lived in Maine. What will happen when they get asked by who else but 5 seconds of summer to tour with them! Will couples break loose or will there be heartbreak!?


10. before the date

"Let's play truth dare or pash!" Someone said.

"Okay!" I said.

"Who goes first!!" Luke said.

"the person who just talked!" said Ashton.

"You could have just said me Ashton!" Luke said.

"Truth dare or pash!" I said.

"Pash!" Luke said

"Who are you gon-" I didn't get to finish Luke kissed me! That probably would have been a good time to mention that was my first kiss!

The morning after

"Hey Morgan!"

"Oh my god Luke you scared me so much!"

"Oh sorry Morgan!"

"You say sorry a lot!"


"So about that kiss last night-"

"Oh I can forget about that if you want!" I said.

" I want you to remember that!"

"Okay then what about it!"

"Um well I know we kinda just met but I was wondering if you wanted to go out?"

"Yeah when?" I said.

"Tonight at 8?"

"Perfect! Should I stay casual or should I dress up?"

"CASUAL!!! Definitely casual!"

"Okay that is something we can agree on!"

"Good see you later then!"

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