Still Breathing

Alex is the outcast of the outcast's. He's an emo skateboarding music freak who just so happens to only have kept one of his friendships alive during his high school hell. Just when he thinks things can't possibly get any worse, an incident one night changes everything.


1. The Accident

   I decide to show off and do a kick flip, when finished all of the other skaters in the park glare at me, giving some satisfaction to my low ego. Most people would dislike having only one friend in existence and everyone else hating you, but I'm not most people.

   I try and make them hate me, that way they'll leave me alone and won't approach me. I'm extremely anti-social and annoyed when people try and drag me in their conversations. All I need is my best and only friend Autumn, my skateboard, and my music. Anything or anybody else can just stay out of my way. Unless of course you want to be completely ignored.

   Hearing all of this may make me seem like a total jerk, but that's not it at all. I have good reasons to distance myself from others. There was a time when I had many so called friends, but that was almost two years ago. All of my "friends" had ditched me for higher popularity, all except one. Autumn.

   She always stuck around and never even considered abandoning me, and that's why I never ditched her. My aunt likes Autumn but thinks I should have more friends than just her, like I could make any other ones or would even want to.

"Alex!" I hear Autumn yell from the other skate ramp.

   I look over to where I heard her voice and see Autumn skating over to me on her red and black skateboard. Her straight black hair is tied in a loose ponytail and her left green eye has a new scar directly below it. I frown, wondering what jerk I have to beat the shit out of this time around.

   Autumn wasn't popular before she met me, but not unpopular either. When all of my "friends" ditched me and she stayed, nobody wanted anything to do with her. Some assholes have been shoving her around because of it. I beat up the jerks who caused it, sadly they just don't know when to quit.

   The roller blades of her board screech up right beside me and she looks up the few inches I have on her to see me.

"I'm just about to leave, wanna ride home?" She asks.

"Who did it?" I ask, brushing off her question.

   She gives me a blank, confused stare. I remain quiet, so she can't possibly find a way to change the subject. I shove my thumbs in my black skinny jean's pockets and nod my head towards her scar. In the process my straight, shoulder length black hair falls in front of my dark brown eyes. I just whip it back into place with a single movement though.

"Oh you mean the mark? I just fell off my skateboard a little while ago and hit the corner of the sidewalk," she mumbles.

   I roll my eyes in disbelief, she's always been such a terrible liar. She couldn't even lie to save her damn life.

"You never fall off your skateboard Autumn," I sigh.

   Suddenly a car horn beeps twice and Autumn's dad's BMW pulls up right beside us on the sidewalk.

"So do you want that ride or no?" She asks once more.

   I shake my head no in answer. My house is only ten minutes away from here on my skateboard so why ride a car?

"It's pretty dark Alex, a sixteen year old boy shouldn't be on busy city streets this late at night," she frowns all parent-like.

"I can take care of myself," I reply with a sigh, making my released breath show a puff of smoke from the cold night air.

   She shakes her head in frustration. Her ponytail whipping lightly across her ivory cheek like a feather flying in a soft breeze. She flings open the passengers door and climbs in the car, shortly after the silver automobile rides off into the freezing, November night.

   I pull my Strawberry Icebreakers out of my back pocket and pop a few into my mouth, the sugary candy starts to slowly dissolve on my tongue. I shift my feet on my skateboard and skate off away from the skatepark and through the deserted back roads of this huge city I call home.

   I pull my smartphone out of my pocket and plug my white earphones in my numb ears. I blast Pierce The Veil's song "Caraphernelia" through my one good earpiece. I toss the busted one off to the side and focus on where I'm going.

   Something makes me knit my eyebrows together, in the distance I hear police sirens blaring at a high frequency. I ignore the annoying sounds, thinking absolutely nothing of it. Probably just another bank robbery or something.

   When I start hearing the sirens getting louder and closer I start to get a little worried. What did I do? My aunt is so gonna kill me, I've really done it this time. Was it the graffiti art I did on the side of the skateboard ramps back at the park? Or the fight I got into with Jason yesterday because he slapped Autumn?

   I skid my skateboard to a stop and take the remaining earphone out of my half frozen ear. I turn around and see a pickup truck speeding down the road at least half a mile ahead of the cops, no way they could see me.

   My heart starts to race and before I have time to jump out of the way of the high speed chase or even scream the pickup truck is barreling down on me so heavily it feels like the weight of an elephant.


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