Passion; a. i.

"I love you," he told me with so much passion. "I love you too," I said back with even more passion. And we sealed it with a kiss.


1. 1

"Mom, I'm going to the mall," I yelled leaving the house. I got in my car and drove to the car. Amnesia came on the radio and I screamed because I love that song. When it was over I got out of my car and went in the mall. First I went to Victoria's Secret because I like bugging the employees by asking what her secret is. They almost kicked me out once. Then I went to H&M, Vans, and Starbucks. While I was walking in the mall I bumped into someone. "Oh my god I'm so sorry,"

"No no don't apologize it was my fault," when I heard that voice I froze. Is it really him? What is he doing here?

"Ashton Irwin?" I asked, "What are you doing in Virginia?"

"Well you know, the band and I just wanted to get away for awhile. I see that your a fan," He told me in that amazing voice of his.

"That's pretty awesome. And yes, I'm a fan. I guess you could tell by my hoodie," I answered back. I was screaming on the inside. Like o my gosh. They are standing right in front of me. My lifesavers. At that moment I began to cry. Tears of joy of course.

"Hey baby don't cry. Its okay," Ashton told me while wiping away my tears with his thumb. "Now do you want to tell me why you're crying?"

I nodded, "So 2 years ago I saw you guys on you tube . That's how my addiction started, you could say. Then when I heard people talking at school about you I went up to them and said that I love you guys. They then told me that I can't be a fan because they'd never like me. After that I went home and cut. The next day it happened again. I kept cutting. But one day I decided not to let it get to me. So I watched your videos and I didn't cut for about 5 months. Then one day the bullying got worse and they told me to kill myself. I considered it. The next day I wanted to kill myself so bad. I then watched you're guy's videos. I didn't kill myself that night. I didn't think of it either. And now I'm in the mall standing next to my lifesavers. That's why I'm crying." I looked up. They had tears in their eyes.

"I am so proud of you that you didn't kill yourself because you wouldn't be here if you killed your self," Ashton told me. "So do you want a picture?"

"of course I do," I said back. "Uhh...ermm....ashton could you maybe...ermm hold me for the picture I barely got out.

"Of course babe," He replied. He picked me up bridal style and we got someone to take our picture. After that we said our good byes. I walked of and I heard Ashton say, "Hey, let me give you my number. And what's your name?"

"Okay and its Kate," I said giving him my phone. And after that we waked away. I smiled like a big idiot for the rest of the day.

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