I know I started another new story. I'm just really bored and don't know where to go with my other story's. your welcome to help me out with them
Anyway, Katniss and Peeta are back in 12 together. What if everybody lived? Katniss's dad, Prim, Finnick, Cinna, Peeta's family, Madge, etc. What if they all survived?
Find out. Do. It. or don't whatever works



Doctor Who reference in there, first one to find it wins. Wins what? Awesomeness. As always the chapter title has nothing to do with the chapter. Any who the chapter...

Katniss's POV

My dad stands before me looking almost normal. He has more authority now than he has ever, he doesn't have a strict face on, good.

"Hello, Katniss."

"Hi dad." I say standing up and almost immediately falling back down. Peeta rushes to my side and helps me over to my dad.

"What did you do?"

"I broke my ankle." I scowl internally kicking myself.

"What'd you do, fall down a few steps?"

"That sounds better than what actually happened." I sigh. "I got attacked by a mutt." I hug my dad hiding my face. The phone rings and I let go of my dad so that Peeta can help me to the phone. He gives me a piggy-back ride to the room where I had my meeting with President Snow.

"Hello?" I answer the phone.

"Hello. Katniss?" It's Plutarch.


"You may not like this, but do you remember that conversation with Coin a couple of years ago?"

"Yes?" I say a little hesitant.

"Well, we are going to have a Capital game. It'll be in 2 weeks. It'll be in the news tonight."

"No." I whisper.

"Good bye." Plutarch says hanging up.

"No." I whisper into Peeta's shoulder.

He walks out to the living room with me still trying to hide from everyone.

"I'm sorry." I say loud enough for everyone to hear. I start shaking my head.

"What for?" Peeta asks setting my down on the couch.

"I shouldn't have said yes."

"About what."

"The Capital Games." I say looking at everone. "Plutarch just called me to tell me about it. It'll be in 2 weeks. I'm sorry. I was upset and I don't want have to watch more people die because of me." I say letting tears fall into my hands. Peeta wraps his arms around me trying to make me feel better. "I don't want more people get hurt because of me."

"It'll be okay. We will be able to help them. I'm sure that all of the remaining Victors will be come mentors." Peeta says trying to make me feel better. I just nod.


Over the past two weeks my mom got me a boot for my foot. Now I can walk around with little pain. Peeta still stays with me and I'm thankful for that. I love having him around.

Today is the reaping. Today I am wearing a yellow, sleeveless, knee-length dress, with my black boot on my left foot, (my broken foot), and a brown sandal. All of the victors have been sent to the capital for the reaping.

Peeta and I have to call the names.

"Ann Shimmer." I call.

The first girl goes to District 1, the next girl goes to District 2, and so on. The same thing goes for the boys.

"Amelia Pond." I call out. Peeta, Haymitch and I have to mentor her.

Peeta calls out the boys names. I don't pay attention until he says the boy that we will mentor. "Rory Williams." He is Amelia's twin. Something must've happened with their parents since they have different last names. They probably wont make it out. And even if they have a chance, they wont want to, because who wants to watch there twin die? I certainly wouldn't want to.

We take our tributes inside and tell them the plan. "Each District has to take their tributes home with them for a month and teach them as much as possible or as how ever much you want to teach them. Your families are allowed to come with, but nothing from you homes. We will provide you with everything in the District. You will get a limited amount of money per week." I start. "Your families don't have to come. One house in the Victor's Village per family. You twp are related right?"

"Yes." Amelia says.

"So, one house. Unless that is a problem. The houses are huge, well, they may not be very big compared to places in the capital, but for District 12, they are huge."

"Amelia! Rory!" Their mother shouts.

"Mom!" They yell in unison.

"Do you want to come to the District with us?" I ask their family coming up.


"Well-" I start, but Peeta cuts me off and explains. They nervously nod.

When we get on the train I say "we all have stuff back home to deal with, so I'm sorry if we cant spend 100% of the day helping. I broke my foot, my mom and sister will be interrupting us from time to time to look at my foot. When the bakery is finished being built, Peeta will have to work in it, and Haymitch, has his stupid geese to deal with and his liquor, so let's see how much he helps."

"Sweetheart." Haymitch warns.

"Why does he call you sweetheart. I thought you and Peeta were together." The mother asks with a disgusted face.

"We are. He has called me sweetheart from the beginning. Why? Because don't like it." I say glaring at Haymitch.

"Oh." We eat the rest of dinner in silence.

"The reaping's are about to start." Effie says looking at the clock behind her on the wall.

"Let's go." I say. We all get up an make our way to the sitting room.

We watch Peeta and I pull names. I'm surprised that my voice was steady.

*District 12*

We go straight to the Victor Village when the crowd allows us to.

Later that evening we are at my house, Peeta, Haymitch, my family, Peeta's family, Gale, Gale's family, and the tributes with their family are over for dinner. In the middle of dinner a bunch of Peace Keepers burst in the house.

"Katniss Everdeen." One of them said formally. Before I could say or do anything they dragged me out of the chair and held me up against the wall be my throat. "Clove and Cato could have survived if it weren't for you. My daughter could have lived." She goes on and on about how her daughter could have lived. My face is becoming a deep purple by the time she drops me and leaves. I am on my hands and knees coughing violently when there is a knock on the door. Prim gets it. By the time she comes back with who knocked on the door we are all clearing the table. Peeta, Haymitch, and I all stop in out tracks and look who Prim brought in. Johanna, Finnick, Annie, and their tributes are all standing in in front of me.

"Brainless, are you going to stand there or are you going to say something." I scowl at Johanna's words.

"Hello to you too, Jo. No offence, but why are you guys here?"

"Well, we were hoping you guys would want to be allies." Annie speaks up.

"If you guys are smart you will become allies." Haymitch says.

"I will ally with them." Amelia said.

"If she'll so it, then so will I." Rory said. Everyone else agrees too.

"Good. All 6 of you are going to be allies." Haymitch said.

"I can teach you guys how to shoot a bow and how to swim." I said.

"Would you like some help with that, Catnip?" Gale asked.

"Sure. Dad, will you help?"

"Anything for you." He replied.

"Do you want to help Gale?" I asked.


"We should go out to the woods tomorrow."

"Katniss, I think you are forgetting something." Peeta says.


"Your broken foot." Prim says. "Speaking of which, you need to take your boot off and be off of it now." Prim walked over to the closet and grabbed my crutches while I took off the boot. She rewrapped foot before I could get up. When I made it back to everyone, the sirens went off.

"Again?" I ask in frustration.

"Again." Peeta agrees.

"What again?" Annie asks.

"The mutts." I respond looking out the window. "Looks like we are all stuck here. Unless some of us could sneak over to the house next to us."

"This house is big, but not that big." Peeta says. By now everyone has gathered in the living room were we moved to so that I could sit down.

"We can go next door." Johanna says.

"Us too." Finnick says.

"We can go." Amelia says.

"Okay, so Johanna, you and your tributes, Finnick, Annie, you guys and your tributes, and you guys go next door." I say pointing to Amelia and her family.

One by one the all snuck to the house closest to mine. When they all made it safely over to that house we went up stairs. Peeta picked me up by the waist and carried me up. When we got to the top Peeta put me down.

"Some people might need to share a room." I said. Posy and Prim went into Prim's old room. Peeta's brothers went to a room. My parents to their old room. Peeta's parents to a room. Rory and Vick went to a room. Hazelle and her husband went to a room. And Haymitch went to a room.

Peeta and I went to my room. We immediately went to shower. Peeta showered with me because of my leg. Then we went to bed.

When I woke up sunlight danced across the room and Peeta's side of the bed is cold. I look over at the digital clock on the night stand. It reads 9:30. I grab my crutches and get dressed. I carefully go down stairs.

"Did you finally decide that it was worth getting out of bed today, sweetheart?" Haymitch asked me when I came into view.

"That is an internal battle that I will fight everyday, but to answer your question, Haymitch, yes I did decide to get up, but only because I have a job to do."

"Why?" Peeta's mom ask me as I sit down next to Peeta.

"Why is it an internal battle?" I ask. She nods. "Because after you go through two games and a war, life doesn't seem as worth it anymore." I respond as the phone rings. I get up and go answer it.


"Hello, Katniss?" Its Dr. Aurelius.


"How are you?"

"I'm alright."

"Are you doing better?"


"How's your leg?"

"My foots still broken."

"Oh. Is Peeta there?"


"Can I talk to him?"

"Yes. Hold on." I set the phone down and go to the living room. "Peeta, Dr. Aurelius wants to talk to you."

"He wanted to talk to both mental patients in 1 call, he must be trying something." Peeta says walking past me.

"I know. Maybe a medal."

"He deserves a medal for having to deal with us." I laugh on my way to sit down.

"Mental?" Mrs. Mellark asks when Peeta leaves.

"Yes. I shot the President and he got Hijacked. We earned that title." I say smiling.

"I wouldn't be happy about that, sweetheart." Haymitch says.

"Well, I am." Everyone is silent until the all clear siren goes off.

When Peeta walks in he says "we are being interviewed tonight. The Prep team should be here any minute." As he finishes someone knocks on the door.

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