I know I started another new story. I'm just really bored and don't know where to go with my other story's. your welcome to help me out with them
Anyway, Katniss and Peeta are back in 12 together. What if everybody lived? Katniss's dad, Prim, Finnick, Cinna, Peeta's family, Madge, etc. What if they all survived?
Find out. Do. It. or don't whatever works


1. Mutts?

Katniss's POV

I'm not sure if Paylor is a trustworthy person. The capital has been letting mutts in the woods by 12. The fence that kept us in and the animals out is gone now. Mutts have been getting into the District. District 2 sent us peacekeepers to fight them off. One day Peeta was over at my house and it was pretty late he was about to leave when the sirens went off.

"I could probably make it home if I'm quick." Peeta says.

"No. Uh, stay. I don't want you to risk your life like that. They're capital mutations, they could be extremely fast."

"Okay. Uh I can sleep on the couch."

"Or, you could stay in my room with me. If you want to."

"Like on the Victory Tour?"

"Yeah, kind of like that. Except there aren't any camera's to face tomorrow and we aren't faking anything."


*In the morning*

When I wake up my head falls and rises to the pattern of Peeta's heartbeat.

"Good morning." Peeta says when he sees that I am awake.

"Good morning. Do you think that we are still under lockdown?"

"I'm not sure." Peeta says as my stomach grumbles. "I'll go make breakfast." Peeta says.

"Okay." I say as he kisses my head and leaves. When he is gone I shower and get dressed. I walk out onto the balcony that's attached to my room. "We are definitely still on lock down." I yell down to Peeta. There is a Mutt on its way into the victory village and it hears my voice. it spots me and runs and jumps for me. It can run unusaly fast and can jump really high. I don't run fast enough and it gets my ankle. I roll into my room and close the door while squeally out in pain.

I hold my bloody ankle as Peeta comes upstairs.

"Katniss!" Peeta runs to my side. "Oh my god. Are you okay? How can I help you?"

It's been a week since I hurt my ankle. Peeta said he would stay with me until my ankle is better. I sit on the kitchen counter while Peeta makes breakfast. Knock. Knock.

"Come on." Peeta says putting my back towards him so that I could have a piggy back ride. He opens the door and in front of us stands Gale Hawthorne.

"Hey Catnip."

I scowl. "I'm not a child anymore. My name is Katniss."

"Come in." Peeta says walking to the sitting room. "I'll go finish breakfast."

"Okay." I say and watch him leave.

"Do you guys live together?"

"No. I broke my ankle and he's been helping me around."

We talk so more and there's another knock on the door. Peeta gets it and walks in with my mom, Prim, Annie, Finn, Finnick,Johanna, and Haymitch.



"Come here."

"What'd you do, brake your leg."

"Something like that. I broke my ankle."

"Oh." She says coming over to me. I hug her longer than I ever have before.

"Did you forget about us, brainless?" Johanna asked.

"I really try to forget about you, Jo."

"I try to forget your screams." Peeta says.

"Right back at you lover boy. You too Annie." Johanna comments.

"I'm going to go. Posy, Vick, and Rory have been asking about you, Katniss." Before I can say anything he's gone.

"Hey little duck."


Prim and my mom moved to District 4 to help out at the hospital. Now, that they're building a hospital in District 12, Prim and my mom are moving back home.

"So, how did you brake your ankle?" They all ask.

Peeta and I share a look and then I say "well, we were under lockdown one day and Peeta was still here. In the morning I went out onto the balcony and was spotted by one of the mutts and it attacked me before I could get away."

"Wow, brainless." Johanna said.

"It was very bloody."

"Yeah, it was." Peeta agreed.

"That's what that screaming was last week?" Haymitch asked.


"I heard that the bakery is being rebuilt." My mom said.

"Yeah. I'm having it rebuilt. My brothers might work there, but my parents want to retire." Peeta said. Everyone sat down. Peeta sat next to me on the couch, Annie, Finnick, and little Finn sat on the love seat. Johanna and Haymitch sat in chairs, and my mom and Prim sat next to me.

"Sweetheart, your not going to like this." Haymitch said to me.

"What?" I scowl.

"Cressida and her news crew are going to come interview the District about the attacks and most likely ask you to The-Star-Crossed-Lovers."

"Fun. When?"



Knock. Knock. Peeta gets up and walk to the door.  When he comes back e comes with my dad. I haven't seen him for a couple of years. They opened up the mines again and wanted him to be one of the leaders. "Dad."

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