The Beauty in the Darkness

A girl in darkness wants the boy to forget. But he can't. He can't forget her ever.

(This is quite random. Sorry. I made it based on an RP i was in)


1. Never

Hi. I'm here to tell a story of a dream. This dream is about a girl. She was in complete darkness when i met her. Something was strange about her. Something seemed familiar. It wasn't until i woke up i knew who she was.

My eyes opened to darkness. I reached for my phone that was hidden in the dark. Before i could get it, I felt something snatch it away from me. "No no no. No phone." The voice sounded playful. A girl? "What? Who's there?" I sat up on my bed and looked around. Everything was black. I could see the outline of a counter where my phone should be. I stood up and started walking.

"Oh you ready to play?" The girl sounded happy. "Alright. If you want your phone you have to find me." I heard footsteps in the distance. Maybe i should follow them. The footsteps were creeping behind me. I turned around. I thought i saw some movement. So i crept deeper into the darkness. "You're getting close. Stay away!" The girl's voice was getting scared. It seemed so familiar. "I'm going to find you." I said, "No! Stay back!" The footsteps got faster and they were disappearing. I started to run after her. "Come on out! I want to meet you," I yelled at the darkness. Looking left and right i couldn't see anything. Why am i even trying? The seems to go on forever.

My hand touched something. It seemed smooth and cold. Skin? "Please don't harm me! You found me okay!" An eerie orange light filled the corner. I shielded my eyes from the sudden brightness. It was a match. The little girl who was afraid I would hurt her, lit up a candle. "Here's your phone." She handed it back to me. Dead. It's dead. A hunt for a dead phone. Great.

After finishing whining about my dead phone I looked up. I saw a girl crouched in a corner. She was staring at me with big eyes. "A-are you okay? Do you need help up?" I held out my hand for her. "Tch," she looked away. "I'm fine!" She still took my hand. When she was standing in front of me i saw her face. Even though the match made her look orange, i could tell she was quite tan. Long black hair that seems to be tangled. She was wearing a white dress and smelled like rose petals.

She looked so familiar. "Follow me." She headed for a door. The door had lines of wight light at the bottom. Was that always there? I didn't really give it much thought. I was happy to see some sign of exit. The girl was walking in front of me holding the candle. She was quiet and kept looking forward. "So um...what's your name?" I asked trying to break the silence. "You know it," she responded automatically. Spooky! "No i don't," I responded. "Well you will soon." My spine went tingly as she said that sentence.

"Here we are." We finally reached the door. The girl opened it to reveal a tunnel like hallway. At the end was a light. She looked back at me and smiled. Let's get you away from this nightmare. She held out the candle an gave it to me. "Please follow the light. It will lead you out." She pointed to the exit of the hallway. She was smiling during the goodbye. "Alright...thank you." As i was leaving i turned around just in time to see her say Please forget.

The light engulfed me. I woke up. Tears were streaming down my face. Why am i crying? I tryed to remember the dream. And I did remember it. The memory made me cry more. I'm so sorry sis. I never meant to.

So now you know the dream. It was a dream about my late sister Jane. She was always happy and playful. Jane got scared easily sometimes. It was when she turned 15 she changed. She became...strange. Always looking herself in her room. Not coming out for hours. It was always quiet in there. Sometimes i could hear songs. I imagined they were coming from her phone. One day she locked herself in her room and never came out. There was no sound either. I was going to check on her but i thought she was sleeping. So i left it for the next day. I blame myself everyday for that choice. Next day was the same. I twisted the doorknob imagining it would be locked but i wasn't. I found my sister. She was in her above her bed...with a noose. She.m was dead. I never figured out why she did that. For her funeral I dressed her up in white and put rose petals in her hair. I should have checked on her. I could have saved her! But i didn't. And i always keep having the same dream on her birthday and death date. She wants me to forget. I can't forget her. I never will.

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