Irish Love Affair

Niall Horan is the kind of guy that everyone obsesses over in the town where Natalie Wilson is from. And she, for one, just doesn't get it. Seriously. What's so special about a guy who DYES his hair blonde? What's so great about those bright blue eyes? Why are all of the girls she knows, even her best friend, Anna Marie, so in love with him? Is it the accent? Natalie gets that the guy is from Ireland, that he's here in her crappy, American town, in the middle of nowhere, but she still can't fathom the infatuation.

That is, until she actually talks to him…

Niall is much more charming than she will ever admit to herself, and if she doesn't figure out that she has feelings for him, it might just jeopardize their chance at love.


1. Chapter 1

      Niall Horan: bane of my existence, annoying to even consider being around, harder to deal with than melted ice cream. If only he had never moved to America from freaking Ireland. If only he wasn't around. If only he would just move back already.

       Ehh… I guess I'm just humoring myself. But he is terrible. No one I want to be around. 

So harder then to be  neighbors with him. My best friend thinks he is a hunk and I totally disagree. So every time he wants to talk to me I turn away. He is so annoying he plays his guitar so loud, and sings like his life depended on it. I wanna go next door and say shut up. But I can't my friend is so in love with him. It will hurt her I can't.


srry it wasn't long I half to go Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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