Saviour // c.h


2. Chapter 2

"And this Ladies and Gentlemen is the wild Brook Simpson!"

"That's such a nice start to my morning, thanks so much Michael!" I grinned at the iPhone lense in an attempt to seem somewhat happy that Michael just shoved an iPhone in my face as I stepped out the room.

Michael burst out laughing locking his phone and putting it back to his black skinny jeans pocket.

"Ahh you do crack me up Johnson" he pushed his dark purple hair out of his face. He hasn't died his hair for a while, the natural blonde is starting to come through, I often warn him he'll have no hair left soon

"Mikey, how can you wear skinny jeans in this heat?"

"I told you before, there glued to me!"

"Is there any food left?!" I shouted through the apartment, when there's no food left there is literally no food, the boys will eat everything and I mean everything even if it's out of date and slightly mouldy. Scruffs.

"There's a slice of toast over there but that's about it" Calum appeared in the room siting himself down on the island in the kitchen with a slice of toast in his hand and his other in his pocket.

"Looks like I'm going shopping then?"

"Ah, don't worry, well all go later"

"Good, is my Mum okay?"

"I told you she would do fine Brook, ash's mum just gave her her medication" Calum nudged my arm nearly pushing me off the table in process

"Okay, I know I worry more than I should do" I shrugged getting back down and grabbing the last slice of buttered toast before anyone else could.

Michael and Ashton both appeared in the room signing Mr Brightside at the top of their lungs.

"Oh my god be quite" I groaned putting my head into my hands, at least that got them to shut up. I raised my head again, Ashton and Michael were now sat down making small talk between themselves.

"here" Luke gestured placing a bottle of water and 2 paracetamol's down on the table.

"Thank you" I smiled weakly placing one tablet on my tounge and washing it down with water.

"maybe we should go down to I-hop or something, have an extra breakfast?" Michael suggested.

"Do you guys ever stop eating?" I replied laughing, Michael nodded

"sounds good to me" Cal added looking around the room at the rest of us, I nodded.

"Well I'm ready, don't know about you lot" I shrugged putting the bottle of water back in the fridge.

"I'll go and see if the women are ready" Ashton sniggered skipping out the room.










"that was insane!!" I took a deeo breath as I exited the Hulk ride at universal studios with Luke Cal and ashton, Michael refused to go on because he wanted to get in the que to meet wolverine, hes a kid at heart.

"that must have gone upside down about 10 times and Ashton managed to scream more than Brook!"

"it was pretty scary alright!" Ashton defended himself ruffling his hair up and putting his bandana back in place.

"No trust me, Brook screamed like hell! I was the one sat next to her!" Calum nudged my arm causing me to fall into Luke.

"I met him!" michael screamed at us when we got back to the benches "I got a photo! now can I go on hulk?"

"dude im not queuing for another 40 minutes" luke groaned resting his head on Ashton's arm

"bro its too hot get off me!"

"you were the ones that chose to wear black skinny jeans in 40 degree heat!" My Mum argued back playfully silancing them in the process.

The silence didn't last long, Michael started jumping around again once he realised that we was opposite the new Spider-Man ride, he's so immature sometimes, his love to comic books and video games isn't healthy.

"You alright mum?" I looked down on her in the wheelchair, we made the sensible idea of renting a wheelchair whilst we was here because she can't walk long distance due To her lack of energy, it was the best thing to do really.

"I'm fine, I'll stay out here,I don't like the idea of being shook around inside a car or whatever it is"

"I'll stay it here as well" Ashtons mum added followed by Luke mum saying "so will i"

"I'm stuck with these looney's then!" I turned around scrunching my face up which resulted in Calum fake crying into Ashton's shoulder

"Dude I told you, it's too warm!!" Ashton retorted pushing Calum off his shoulder which resulted in Calum sticking his middle finger up in Ashton's face.

"Guys hurry up!" Michael ran around the corner waving at us then going back around.




"Keek keek keek keek keeek" Michael grinned at his iPhone spinning it around today's all of us "wave!"

''we're in America! Universal Studios Bitches!!''

''Luke, Language! what would your mum say!!'' i playfully punched Luke's arm, he pulled a pout face and pretended to cry.

''Don't worry Lukey poo i won't let her hurt you again!'' Ashton pointed his finger at me hugging Luke tightly.

''Fine'' i pouted turning round crossing my arms across me chest.

''i really don't know what's going on here.'' Michael Spoke to him iPhone ''Look at Calum!!" he span the phone round to face Calum who had his head resting on the railing laughing his head off.

"I don't know what's going on the heats taking full impact of out emotions" Calum managed to choke out In between laughing.




It's short i know, Im Sorryyy

also im sorry for my lack of writing lately, i've been in florida for 2 weeks and everything has been so stressfull ever since i got back!

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i hope you liked this chapter anyway! please give me feedback and ideas, i also need new character names!


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