Saviour // c.h


1. chapter 1

•Brook's P.O.V•

I squinted my eyes trying to focus on my surroundings. Light escaped through the shielded windowsill the soft breeze making the wooden door shake slightly and the pale blue curtains blow in the wind.

First day of Holiday. I sighed sinking back into the hotel bed, which I have I say, isn't the comfiest.

I let my eyes adjust to the light before I got up heading towards the en-suite bathroom. I had to be careful not to wake everyone else up with my lousy shower singing that I annoyingly always do despite the fact I cannot sing for toffee.

We're sharing an apartment on the sea-front of Orlando, Florida. We planned on visiting places like the Disney parks, Universal Studios and the water parks. It's something I never got to enjoy in my childhood, and now we saved up, I can finally do this.

After showering i continued with my daily routine, slight layer of makeup and sorting out my brown hair which at the minute looks like a birds nest. I searched though my suitcase which I have yet to unpack. I'm the kind of person that will litrally not unpack my bag all holiday and leave clothes scattered around the room.

Finally I picked out my dark purple floral crop top and light denim high wasted shorts, a light flowy cardigan, flower crown and my white converses with white frilly socks.

I'm on holiday I need to live it up while I can. It all goes back to normal when I arrive back home.

My life is well kind of hectic, my mum has cancer. Well we don't know how Long she has left, if it was my decision I wouldn't have came on holiday I would have stayed at home looking after her, she and the boys, Luke Ashton Calum and Michael and Luke's and Ashton's mum insisted on it. She needed a break aswell, this is one of the thing she really really wanted to do before it was too late. I have to fit in looking after my mum and earning money to pay for my own flat, I only work 3 shifts a week at the local café but it's enough to keep me going.

"Brook!! Are you up?" I heard a small knock and nothing but a whisper coming at my door.

"Yeah! One minute!" I replied making my way to the door opening it to see a childish Ashton grinning at me in nothing but a pair of shorts and his sunglasses situated on his head.

"Soo were having breakfast" he paused "then were going for a walk down I-drive if that's alright with you?"

"I'm fine with that" I smiled back at him "just let me get my bag and everything and I'll be downstairs, is everyone up?"

"My mum, Liz and your mum are still getting ready, everyone else is either downstairs or watching TV"

"Okay, I'll just get my bag ready and everything then I'll be down" Ashton nodded his head making his way back downstairs.

How I know the boys? well I met Luke when I moved to Australia when I was 14. He introduced me to Calum Michael and Ashton due to the fact they were best mates back then and when they were 16 they decided to form a band. I've been there from the start, they often thought about giving up on the band and forgetting it ever happened but me being stubborn shouldn't let that happen. Never in a million years would I let them do that. Our friendship kind of went from there I guess.

There very first gig was a but of a mess, the didn't fully know what they were doing and how they were supposed to do it but they learned from that and I'm so proud of them.




soo I decided to make a new fanfic! please ignore my silly excuse of writing it am totally terrible at it!

This is short but other chapters will be longer I promiseee!

Thank youu!

Twitter- @5secondsof_leah

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