Poodle Skirt

Elizabeth Zia Raymond spends 24/7 working in her mom's 1950's themed diner. She grew up on big bands, The Beatles, and really anything from the '50s. Ironically, her best friend Zayn Malik is in a world-famous boyband. You all know who they are. But, Zia doesn't. She just knows about old-school sock-hop stuff. What happens when someone tries to change all this. Will it be a gate-way to the present or a huge heartbreak .


2. Do-wop

You guys asked for an update so here you go.

"XIA!" My sister Liza shouts. "FRENCH TOAST TO TABLE 3" I roll my eyes and grab the toast and walk over to table 3. "Henry" I say. He is one of our usualls. "Thanks doll." He says. He never bothered to call me anything but doll. "Meet my son, John." He says. I smile. "Hey, Lennon." I say, hoping he got my joke. He smirks. He is actually really cute. Dirty blond hair up, green eyes piercing, ear buds in. What he is listening to, I don't know. But I'm curious. "You like MCR?" John asks. I heard of them once or twice."yeah" I respond. He scribbles something on a napkin and hands it over. It's his number. "I think this can work" he says and winks. I smile and wink back. I stuff the paper into my dress, pocket. HEY! Don't think I'm a slut or anything. (Pardon my French) This is the only way I can  get to dating. I rarely ever leave this place. "Xia! Zayn is here!" Yells one of my sister's.

A/N I will continue asap but I decided to update for you guys. Don't shoot me please🐢

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