He {Real-Life Heroes Competition Entry}

A poem inspired by Nelson Mandela for the Real-Life Heroes Competition :)


1. He

There once was a man, 
So mellow and true
Who knew who he was
And was who he knew.
And though he was small,
Naïve and young,
He hoped that some day he'd
Become someone.
But suddenly laws changed 
And because of his skin,
The man's chances were ruined;
There were no more ways in.
He no longer sat
At the front of the bus.
No longer was he the one
People could trust.
A pigment that he couldn't change
Or remove,
Had lost him his hopes
Of being approved.

There once was a man,
Who was labelled as bad.
He was sad he was angry,
And angry he was sad. 
And although he was old,
Wizened and down,
He decided to fight back
Against the hounds
Who had made him so hated
Whilst they lived in peace;
He'd make sure this terrible
Way of life ceased. 
So packing his bags
Full of courage and pride
He walked to the leaders,
And stated his lines.

There once was a man,
So full of dismay,
Who lay so alone -
So alone he lay.
Stuck in a cell 
No bigger than himself,
With no worthy possessions
To fill up the shelf,
He pondered about
The life he'd led:
Had there been any point?
Would he have rather been dead? 
And yet when his record
Was finally cleared,
He knew that he couldn't 
Just drown in his tears.
And so, he decided to
Start afresh,
A new revolution
To finish this mess.

There once was a man,
So proud and tall,
He was small no longer
And no longer small.
It had taken years 
For the age to end,
But finally he had people
to trust as his friends.
He'd spoken out once,
Which had ended in jail,
But after years of fighting,
This had gone without fail.
The world felt so bright,
All colours together,
He felt light as a bird,
Light as a feather.
For now, at last,
'Twas no longer a sin,
To be born with a darker
Colour of skin.

There once was a man,
In a hospital bed,
He was ill and dying
And dying and dead.
In honour of him,
The world dressed in black,
Not bothering to hold 
All the tears back.
For this man had been
The soul of his nation,
The man who had given us
Such inspiration.
But although his body 
Was lying underground,
His spark and soul
Could always be found,
In the black and the white
And the honey and gold:
In all of the colours
That stood so bold.

R.I.P Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: 1918 - 2013

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