The Wolf Pack

Crystal was just a normal girl until a walk back home from the woods now she can do things she never could before here bff is a vampire and well now shes a lone wolf but not for long


5. two dosent make a pack

        me keekee and autumn were in the woods talking keekee still being stupid she got mad because we snapped at her for  cutting infront of us me and autumn were talking when keekee slipped away and headed to the valley "were's keekee" " i don't know " me ad autumn searched for keekke when we found her sitting in the valley " what's wrong" i asked  keekee sighed and said " nothing" like she wanted me to asked again " tell me" "its just you and autumn are best friends and you have so many friends and i dont i always get bullied at school" keekee started to cry " its okay were your friends" autumn said i dissagreed because i hated keekee but i didnt say it out loud " no one likes me they think i weird and say im annoying" " it okay " autumn said " packs never turn there back on each other" " i thought being a werwolf would make my life more interesting but it didnt it just change my life i cant do anything like i used to do and you guys had a choice i got scratched this wasnt my fault i didnt want to do this" " yeah me either i didnt have a choice i hate this" autumn said " autumn you did have a choice i didnt" " no i didnt  i didnt want to do this "autumn was crazy she had every choice  to be  a werewolf i told her this was a life commitment and she said she was up for it  it was in no way not her fault keekee went on and on and we tried to help but it wouldnt work and  then keekee said " if the bullies wont stop bullying me i just join them ill be a bully to" autumn and i tried talking her out of it but she wouldnt let us " by the way im leaving the pack and stay of my territory" " your territory!" i said "yeah and stay of of it" i started to run toward keekee and i transformed autumn did two trying to keep me from hurting her but i wanted to keekee transformed and started growling at me she lunged at me and we started to fight i went for her neck but she dodged it she scratch me and i jumped on her and she submitted i howled to state my victory i change back into my human form and me and autumn were trying to steer away from keekee and we found a ball and started to play catch and then keekee showed up saying "crystal and autumn need to move there stuff and get of my territory" " you need to get of ours" i said " youll regret it well get you" " we o really you and what army" " this one" keekee said " right guys" i looked around and i didnt see anyone " theres no one there"  autumn said  " whatever"  keekee said and he walked away

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