The Wolf Pack

Crystal was just a normal girl until a walk back home from the woods now she can do things she never could before here bff is a vampire and well now shes a lone wolf but not for long


1. The woods

     " come on lets head out" I said. "I'm coming hold on" my bff sarah walked out of the bathroom ready to go. her long dark brown hair a blue shirt and some jeans and brown eyes. she looked very different from me i had short golden brown hair and brown eyes so dark they almost looked black. " i'm ready lets go now " me and sarah walked out the door and headed to our hang out in the woods. we got there and ate and sung on this swing we had that went over a river. " crystal over here come look!" i hopped of the swing and saw sarah pointing to a bunch of black berries that were across a bridge that was short but old and only had one railing and broken wood " wanna pick some "yes but i dont wanna cross that bridge" sarah started walking on the bridge until she cam across the art were it was broken " its sturdy" sarah said " yeah well its broken and i dont wanna " sarah looked down and saw the fall to the river " um yeah we shouldnt go " she said  " yeah i know " me and sarah hung out for a couple more hours and it started to get dark so we headed home  we were on our way  when a flash of something running went right infront of us so close it touched. i felt this sharp pain in my arm and looked down and there was a huge scratch in my arm i felt blood going down my arm i didnt say anything because i didnt want sarah to worry so i ran back to her house and went to the bath room to clean up  and i went to sleep. i woke up the next morning to scratches on the bed i woke up sarah and told her what happend she deserved to know i told here every thing and show her the scratches on the bed. "crystal" "what" " i have to show you something" arah pushed her hair back and showed me a bite on her neck " what happend" i asked " i dont know it just was there " i got dressed and said bye to sarah and headed to my grandmas i forgot to tell you i was staying there for the summer i went camping and i noticed a lot more and i transformed me second time it was very pain full but i got used to it  it was almost time for school to start so i had to go home

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