The Wolf Pack

Crystal was just a normal girl until a walk back home from the woods now she can do things she never could before here bff is a vampire and well now shes a lone wolf but not for long


2. The Lone Wolf

 i new new what i was a werewolf but i had now idea what i could do so i googled it and werewolves are a lot  like so i took an interest in wolves  i learned every thing about them also that they live in packs and dont like to be alone. ones that were alone were called lone wolves and i was one . i wanted a pack i wanted people who understanded me but i couldnt find anyone

i went to school the next day and saw my old friend i was strange to them because of my wolf ways but i was still the old popular me id do stuff that was to obvious and  my friend would say "your not a werewolf" and i would say " i know" i thought deep down inside i think this is all an dream this can be real but i also new i was wrong. the year went on every month me changing every day me doubting the truth then i decided to do it what ive been thinking of thinking of this whole time to find people that want to be like me and change them. so i headed to my cousins 


 A/N: sorry this chapter was short

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