The Wolf Pack

Crystal was just a normal girl until a walk back home from the woods now she can do things she never could before here bff is a vampire and well now shes a lone wolf but not for long


3. Searching for the pack

  i was going to spend the weekend with my cousins aunts and uncles. i walked inside and was greeted by my cousins my little cousin ran up to me and jumped on my yelling " crystal!" " hai" i said and said hi to everyone and dragged my cousin to the garage where i told him what happened and if he wanted to join. he agreed i didnt want to scratch them so i told them this spell i look up on the internet


    by the light of the moon and our piercing howls we

are further transformed into cunning beast from the                         circle of life to the evolution of man i shall be      

reawakened as one with the land 

    i made them say it ten times infront of the moon because thats what your supposed to do me and my cousin were now a pack he was beta and i was alpha female he couldnt be alpha male because we would have to be mates and hes related to me we were good until i researched wolves some more they became my favorite animal because i liked there ways i found out that wolf pack lived on the same land and me and my cousin didnt live close together  we lived far apart so the pack broke up but i still visited  and me and my cousin johnathan talked it over and told my younger  cousin about us and i helped them set up there pack my younger cousin sean was impatient so i scratched him so we wouldnt have to do the spell that was really long i was happy leading them telling them the rules but also sad i was a lone wolf again i moved from my old house to a new one and that ment new people and new chances for a pack

    i met new people at school but they didnt believe and they didnt know that i did i did one of my quick quizzes and one of the questions were do you believe in werewolves and there answers were no  so i went to someone else this girl i met in the summer her name was autumn and i asked her and her answer was yes but it took a while to get there me and autumn started our own pack and we were the alphas the only ones until now when my moms boyfriend moved in and his daughter came on the weekends and she did the spell to and became our pack's beta second in command me and keekee ( the beta) were outside once sine she was new to the wolf world and i have been one for years she was acting a bit obvious infront if my friend chace and then he found out and told us that he was one to and chace join our pack and became alpha male and autumn moved down to beta and keekee was a mid ranker  me and autumn where outside talking me day and she told me she liked chace like like liked him it was ok to me beacause although he  was my mate  i didnt like him like that he was the only boy so that was the spot he had to take but i was fine with it.


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