The Wolf Pack

Crystal was just a normal girl until a walk back home from the woods now she can do things she never could before here bff is a vampire and well now shes a lone wolf but not for long


4. Alphas gone

        it was bad news and especially for autumn chace was moving away so that ment we were back to having no boys in our pack and back to having two female alpha which is not how it was really ment to be keekee took the place as beta and autumn and i were alphas and it was different without chace we used to hang out and joke around and stuff and it was a big change for the pack without a alpha male and it also was a big change for me putting keekee in a rank  that was one of the most important ranks in the pack in fact it was a mistake even making her a werewolf and your about to figure out why

      keekee always tells on me for no reason like she hit me and i hit her back and she scratched me and told her dad that i was hitting her and calling her names. when it was around the time of my 15th birthday i let her and her friend do the helium challenge with my birthday ballons and they each wanted another one so i said they had to share and keekee took it all for herself so i gave her friend another ballon for herself and then keekee begged for another one and i said no because i only had to left and then she started acting like a brat and went to the other room  and her dad told her to come back with us and he asked whats wrong and she said were being mean and me and her bff told him the truth and she looked stupid when i was in the bathroom doing my hair and getting ready and she kept coming in so i locked the door and she was like let me in it smells good in there i wanna smell it and i said hold on so she went and grabbed a knife picked the lock came in and  pointed the knife and moving it as if telling me to get back i didnt know what to do was she going to stab me i didnt know " if you dont stop i will tell your dad " keekee went to the kitchen and put the knife back and stopped it was late and i was trying to go to sleep and keekee kept trying to start a fight " your ugly and stupid no one likes you you dont fit in" i kept on coming up with com back but then i got tierd and just ignored her so then she started hitting me and i just blocked her so if she told i wouldnt get in trouble then she scratched me  i wouldnt take this i pushed keekee hard against the wall and she looked at me as if she was suprised at my strength the scratch hurt badly i had to sleep on my back that night and i usually sleep on my side but i didnt because it hurt to much she was different now that chace was gone but i didnt care she could keep doing stuff like this if she wants but it wont be a happy ending for her

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