The Hunger Games Reality

The hunger games has come to life in this tale of how Megan Tyler prepares to stay alive as well as those she loves around her!


1. The Reaping

At 16 years old you never dream of having to fight for you life. Well that's what happened. My name is Megan Tyler I have brown hair and brown eyes just like everyone in my district! Ever since the hunger games books were realised the government decided to bring it to life. Sort out the weak from the strong eliminate anyone they can. The only change is that 2 people can win the games and anyone can be chosen even famous people.

They separated Americas 50 states into districts with the Capitol taking over 25 states. 13 states harbour peacekeepers and the remaining 12 states are where people like me live. My mother nurses the people who are hurt in the mine whilst my father is never around as he works in the mine and whenever he can hunts to provide food for me and my brother Matthew.

I lay frozen in my bed the realisation that today is the day of the reaping hits me like a ton of bricks. I pull on a pair of dark brown trousers that are covered in mud and a ripped round the edges as they are too long for me. A light blue t-shirt covered in grass stains and food stains. In district 12 no one complains about the food they are given or the clothes they have to wear as no one has the money to have fancy things. As I walk into the kitchen I see my mothers face glowing due to the fact that she is expecting her 3rd child. My brother sat at the table picking at his food.

'You know better than that Matthew stop playing with your food' I bellowed.

I knew the reason he was doing it he was scared that he may be chosen to enter the games. As I walked out the door the warm air of district 12 hit me I quickly realised I had to go meet my best friend Crystal. She had long wavy blonde hair with bright blue eyes. Crystal had always been pretty since school all the boys had wanted her. The best thing about having Crystal as a best friend is that she was dating a boy called Connor the brother of celebrity Josh Hutcherson. Both of them live in district 12 and both was entered into the reaping.

As I walked into the town centre Crystal was stood in the middle of the square.

'Where have you been? I've been waiting ages' she shouted as I walked closer.

'Im sorry Crystal I over slept and had I rush to get here' I said.

'Its ok but next time I won't be waiting. Come on then let's go get this food.' She exclaimed.

The justice building which the peacekeepers we're is the place to get extra food which is a small handful of meat and dairy. As I left Crystal I had just enough time to hurry up cook a meal and get dressed into something nice. When I got home I cooked some chicken which I made into chicken sandwiches for us all. Then my mother escorted me to get dressed she helped me get into a red lace dress.

The walk to the justice building seemed long but in reality it only took 2 minutes. We all stood in silence whilst a small extravagant women walked into the stage. Her name was Elizabeth Taylor a Capitol resident and the mentor of district 12 since the games had begun. After Elizabeth walked a man a famous man named Woody Harrellson he and 2 other people were the only people from district 12 to win the games but sadly the other 2 victors John and Gary had passed away.

'May the odds be ever in your favour' shouted Elizabeth 'as always ladies first'

She took a long breath as she walked over to the bowl contains the ladies names after what seemed like a long time she stood back in front of the microphone.

'The female tribute from district 12 is Megan Tyler'

I screamed and dropped to my knees was I dreaming just then peacekeepers were stood behind me picking me up an dragging me to the front of the stage. Fear froze me. All I could think of was how I would die in the arena leaving behind my family. The next thing I knew I was on the stage standing right next to Elizabeth, she wandered to the bowl containing the boys name and then wandered back to the microphone.

'The male tribute from district 12 is Matthew Tyler' said a shocked Elizabeth.

'NO!' I screamed in horror 'please pick again please not my little brother' how could this happen to him.

'I volunteer as tribute' screamed a voice from inside the crowd.

At that moment Josh wandered out of the crowd.

'I volunteer as tribute to take his place' bellowed Josh.

At that moment my heart sank why would he volunteer he never knew my brother apart from the odd times he saw him. As he walked up to the stage I felt grateful I felt like throwing my hands round his neck and saying thank you. Then it hit me I knew I felt something for Josh but never knew how much I did. My heart started pounding that's when I realised I loved him at least we would both die in that arena together.

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