Stay With Me


1. 1. Lydia

After Allison died I wasn't the same. I've lost so many people in my life, I didn't think that I would recover from this. This was just too much.

Everyone has some one but me. Stiles had Malia, and Scott had Kira. Hell even my mom goes out on dates every weekend.

Everyday I regret not going after Stiles. Seeing him with Malia hurt. Seeing them laugh together, the way they kissed, the way they needed each other. I needed Stiles ,but he was too busy being needed by Malia.

I remember all the times Stiles was there for me and how much he wanted to be with me. I was just too proud and ignorant to be with him. Ive had feelings for him ever since we kissed on the boys' locker room floor.

In that moment I felt something, I was just too afraid of saying anything. That feeling never left. Now it's too late he's with Malia and isn't chasing me anymore.

I like Malia, but not with Stiles. So everyday I regret not telling Stiles how I feel about him because now i have to watch the dork I love , love someone else.

Some one who wasn't me.

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