The Letter To Him

Marissa enters a competition and writes a letter to Josh Hutcherson and the winner gets a day with Josh and a day on the set of the Mockingjay. She doesn't expect to win but she still writes it. What happens if she wins? What happens if she falls in love? Will she get a happily ever after or a broken heart?


3. Time

Marissa's POV

"What?" I was not expecting this.

"I kept meaning to tell you but I just never got the chance."

"You've had the chance for months and you've never taken it."

"I  know and I'm sorry, but I'm taking the chance now, and I was hoping you would be my girlfriend."

I really wanted to say yes because I had a crush on him before high school, but I just couldn't. I got a feeling in my gut that I should wait. "I'm sorry but I need some time."

His face fell in disappointment. "Okay"

I felt really bad for saying no but I needed to do some things first. "If you want to you can stay."

"No thanx. I'm gonna go meet up with the guys at the skate park.Talk to you later?"


I gave him a hug because he looked like he needed one and then he left.

Okay now I had to put that to the side and get started on the letter.


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