Save Me!

A harry potter fan fiction.
A Hogwarts student is kidnaped.A week before the eclipse.What will happen to Tammy Kaldi.


1. The morning before

On their way to transfiguration Tammy Lufite was chatting about the eclipse to her friends Madi and Charmaine.

"What do you think about the teachers only giving two first year student extra tuition the night of the eclipse."Tammy said recalling what Snape told them earlier.

"I don't know but it seems suspicous"Madi replied.

"Quite I can here Snape and Dumbledore" Charmaine said.

We all stopped where we were and listened to their conversation.

"Snape it seems wrong to lie to the chosen one."Dumbledore explained.

"Yes well they would never come if I didn't say it was tuition."Snape replied sharply.

"Ok whatever the gang will see you tonight to prepare."Dumbledore said with a sigh before disappearing.We heard Snape walk to the dungeons for his class.

"Quick we had better run"Madi exclaimed.

We ran into the lab and took our seats.After class we went to the dorm and spoke about are discoveries.

"So we know that we will discover who is the chosen one in potions class."Charmaine pointed out.

"Maybe not Snape has cancelled all his classes."Tammy said

"Bummer"Madi whispered.

An hour later Snape came knocking requesting to speak to Tammy.

Tammy stepped outside to talk.

"Well Tammy i have come to tell you that I think..."Snape began

"You think what"Tammy said impatiently


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