Ships and Dip

So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


8. Voldytrix

So... This is another one I think I'm starting to ship: Voldytrix. I could see them in a relationship 😂😂 For: IShipDramione Enjoy my lovelies!


"My Lord!" Bellatrix moved closer to the Dark Lord. For years now, she has felt something more than liking for her master. Something... Deeper. Was this what they called love?

"Not so close, Bella." His voice was quiet, cautious.

"Sorry, my Lord." Blushing, she took several steps back.

"Don't be." Voldemort waved a dismissive hand.

Bellatrix has always felt that Voldemort acted differently around her than he did his other Death Eaters. He was kinder to her. More affectionate. She thought that maybe- just maybe, he liked her back....

But so far her attempts at finding that out have been fruitless. She didn't want to make her master mad, but she wants the truth.

"Not so far back, Bella. There is something I want to tell you." His eyes gleamed red in the darkness of their meeting place. Their being the Death Eaters and Voldemort, not just them two, unfortunately.

She stepped closer, nervous. "Y-yes, my Lord?"

"Occlumency is a skill you should learn."

She looked at him, straight in the eye. "I'm sorry, my Lord?"

"Occlumency is a skill you should learn."

"Yes, I heard that. But, my Lord, what exactly is Occlumency?"

Voldemort sighed impatiently. "Blocking your mind from someone else peering into it."

"But didn't-don't you want us to tell you everything, my Lord?"

"I do, but I don't want to know everything!" He yelled, his voice rising with every word.

Bellatrix stepped back yet again, fearful for her life. He has always had such a temper... "Sorry, my Lord." Bellatrix looked down, realizing something. He must know how she feels for him! "My Lord- do you, er, well, what I mean to say is..." She trailed off, shy and with a lack of words for once in her life.

"Do I know how you feel towards me? Yes. Do I feel the same way toward you? No. I cannot feel." Her heart sank. "However, when I am with you, Bellatrix, it is the closest I've ever been to feeling something."

Bellatrix smiles. "Really?"

"Yes. Now, I don't want to make you th-"

His words were cut off by a squeal of happiness from Bellatrix as she ran up to him, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

He smiled. "Bella..."

"Yes, my Lord?" She arched an eyebrow, smiling guiltily. "You liked it- admit it!"

"Y-yes, I did."


That happened. All I can say. I officially ship them two now 😂 hope y'all enjoyed!

Love ya all ~ Grace Xx

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