Ships and Dip

So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


22. Percabeth

It's Percabeth=Percy+Annabeth from Percy Jackson :)) gotta love those two, right? for: JustAsSaneAsLuna (love your username btw) ENJOY MAH LOVELIES <=


Annabeth was not your atypical teen, in more ways than one. She made amazing grades and studied constantly at home.

Her mother was also Athena.

She was also dating the most famous half-blood in the world, Percy Jackson. Merely thinking the name made her giddy. She had always adored Percy, he was bold and brave and funny and kind and-

Focus, Annabeth, she told herself. She was on a mission. Now was not the time to get distracted.

Percy had yet again gone on a quest. And yet again, he had gone without her, proclaiming it to be too dangerous.


She had survived so much! The Sea of Monsters, finding her fatal flaw, getting her lip pierced (which hurt), and so many other things she preferred to not get into. Another quest? Easy!

So she decided to follow them.

She had prayed to Athena and gotten the blessing, as long as Percy did not see her the whole time, unless in a dire need.

And there Annabeth was, a couple of feet behind Percy, hidden in the bushes and stalking the group as silent as a cat.

Percy and his group paused and looked around. Annabeth inhaled sharply through her teeth, thinking they saw her.

But, thankfully, they just sat down and pulled out sandwiches.

She sighed in relief and moved.

Snap. Oh no. She had stepped on a twig.

Percy looked up and saw her hair. "I'll be right back, guys."

She closed her eyes and waited for the lecture to begin. He was mad, she could tell.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around her waist softly and played with her piercing with his pinkie finger. "Gah, your so hot, Annabeth."

"No I'm not," she said, blushing.

He smiled sadly. "I know I've asked this a dozen times-" he began.

"Yes, you may." Her lip ring had also gave her a small lisp that made the word 'yes' a thousand times cuter to Percy.

"Good. I was going to anyway."

And Percy pressed his lips to hers.


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