Ships and Dip

So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


19. Framione

This is an awesomesauce ship- Framione (Fred + Hermione)! It's for @[mustacheluv14] ENJOY!!! (Oh yeah in this Fred is still alive and George is dead... For the sake of the plot sorry guys :..c)


"Fred." Hermione clasped his hands tightly. "I'm sorry."

He turns away, sobbing. "Ju-just leave me alone."

"Fred Weasley! Look at me!" Hermione grabbed his arm and spun him around, forcing him to look at her. "Talk to me."

He just looked at her, sobbing. He's so handsome, Hermione thought. Even with tears streaming down his grimy, war-battered face. "Freddie," Hermione watched Fred wince as she said that name; she didn't realize that that was George's name for him until that came out. "Fred. I'm so sorry about your bother. I've been through this as well, I made my parents forget they even had a daughter! It's a horrible feeling, I know, but.." She bit her lip, unsure. She wanted to tell him of her felling a for him, but now just felt like the wrong time.

"Thanks, 'Mione."

Hermione smiled sadly. "Anytime, Fred."

She had missed her chance.

"Hermione?" He asked, suddenly unsure.


"Do you want to stay at mine tonight?"

Hermione blushed. "I'd love to." Maybe she would have her chance!


Dinner at the Weasley's was stiff. Fred kept glancing to his left, as if expecting to see his brother sitting next to him, like every other night at dinner. Under the table, Hermione held Fred's hand.

Finally, the tense dinner was over, and Hermione was following Fred upstairs. "Sleep there," he gestured to a bed, "George used to sleep there, but no-n-ow h-he's dead a-a-nd..." He broke off, sobs racking his body.

Hermione patted his back sadly, tears falling down her face as well.

Fred looked at her. "When I'm with you, the pain is bearable."

"I- what?"

"The pain of losing my brother. With you, it's bearable. Not with anyone else but you. Is that weird?"

"Not weird at all," Hermione said, gently placing her lips on his.


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