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So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


7. Drarry

Another one of my OTP's! Drarry :) For: AlliMcGill Enjoy my lovelies!


Draco was taunting Harry again. And again, he was too busy doing so to notice the Snitch hovering right by his broomstick.

"But of course, Potter..." Malfoy droned on whist Harry tried to find a way to get the Snitch without Malfoy knowing it was right beside him.

Finally, Harry decides to trick Malfoy. He dives down, and Malfoy follows, thinking he found the Snitch. At the last second, Harry pulls out and watches as Malfoy falls and hits the ground.

Harry grinned, figuring he'd be fine. Sure enough, he pulled himself off the ground, a little shaky, and back onto his broomstick. He zoomed up and met Harry again.

But shortly after that, Malfoy fell off his broomstick. They were fifty feet up. Oh, Lord, no! Harry zoomed down, trying to beat Malfoy in his fall.

He was successful, thank God. Malfoy fell hard, but Harry managed to stop the fall from killing him.

Harry walked over to where Malfoy lied unconscious. A thick ribbon of blood was coming out of his mouth. A huge lump was on his head, but he saw no bleeding, thank goodness. However, Harry did not see his stomach rising and falling like it should. Was he too late? No, Harry found a slow, unstable pulse on Malfoy's neck.

Malfoy's eyes slowly opened. "It hurds."

"I'm sorry- what?"

"Ib hurds."

Something was wrong. Seriously wrong. What was wrong with Malfoy? "Someone! Please!" He shouted.

Thinking Harry was hurt, Hermione rushed down, but paused when she saw Harry cradling Malfoy's head on his lap, trying to see the wound.

"Oh, thank goodness, Hermione!" He grinned.

"Why should I help him?" She spat, staring at Malfoy.

Harry didn't understand why he was so mad at Malfoy at that moment, but he was angry. "Because he could die!"

"Fine. But I'm only doing it for you, Harry." She spun tightly on her heel and left, to get a professor.

But if course she had to get Snape. Although, for once, he didn't have anything nasty to say to him. All he is was gape at Malfoy in shock and tell Harry to help him.

Harry obeyed. He wanted Malfoy to live more then anything. Looking back, that is when Harry realized that he liked Draco.

Together, they half-dragged, half-carried Malfoy to the hospital wing.

Still knocked unconscious, they heaves him onto one of the empty mattresses. Harry bit his lip. "Will he be okay?"

"When did you take such an interest in Draco, Potter?" Snape spat, leaving the hospital wing. Harry felt himself redden, and he looked down.

He moved over to Draco's side and sat down in a chair. He took one of his limp hands and squeezed it, as if he could transfer some of his own life into Draco. Please, he prayed. Please let Draco be okay.

Then Harry realized what he was doing. He was praying for his arch-nemesis!

Just then, Malfoy's eyes open, and Harry quickly retracted his hand. "What are you doing here, Potter?" Draco asked, angered.

"I-I'm sorry... I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Well, I'm not, Har-Potter."

"You almost called me Harry."

"What? No- no, I didn't."

"Yes you did. Don't deny it. You can hide your feelings all you want-" Harry stood up and leaned over Draco- "but I know the truth. Your have feelings for me, don't you, Draco?"

He whitened. "No, I don't!"

"Yes, you do! And it's okay, I love you too."

Draco lifted an eyebrow.

"Really. I do."

Draco smiled, and leaned in. Harry pressed his lips to Draco's.

All was well.


(Did you see the hidden HP reference I just made? Hint: it's the last line. I've been putting a lot of these in all my chapters- try to find 'em!) did you guys like my Drarry one-shot? I hope you did... It's like, my favorite ship of all time x) love ya all - thanks a million for everything!

~ Grace Xx

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