Ships and Dip

So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


1. Drapple

This is my first one... So I chose my favorite ship- Drapple! For- me ;3


Draco walked through the Great Hall, looking anxious. Where was she? Where the-


Draco ran to her, and scooped her up in his hand. "I've missed you, my love," he says, nipping at her green skin.

He smiled. His apple... His apple filled him with a happiness not everyone can give. Though she could not speak, just the sight of her smooth green skin filled him with happiness.

Pocketing the apple, whom Draco has come to call Rose, he sighs and heads toward Potions.

Draco has always liked Potions. Snape was kind to him, and the dungeons, being close to the Slytherin dormitory, brought him a sense of tranquility.

Today, however, was different. Snape was in a curt mood, and noticed the bulge in Draco's pocket. "Pray tell, Draco, what is that in your pocket?"

"Oh... Ah, nothing."

"If it's nothing, there wouldn't be such a bulge! Show me what it is."

Blushing furiously, he reached into his left pant pocket and pulled out Rose.

"An apple! Why, Draco, you ought to know by now that there is no eating in this class."

"I wasn't going to eat Ro-it!"

"Then what were you going to do with it then?"

Draco bit his lip. "Nothing."

"I've seen you with green apples a lot now, Draco. Why is that?"

"I- I like green apples," he says, redder than a tomato.

"See me after class."

Potions went by all too fast for Draco. Before he knew it, class was over, and Snape was calling him up to his desk. "What is the meaning of this apple? You've been staring at it all class!"

Draco blushed, taking a sudden interest in his hands.

"Well," said Snape, taking a bite of Rose, "I-"

"No! Don't eat Rose," he says, tears falling.

"Oh my God, Draco Lucius Malfoy. No. You are not in love with an apple."


And that's the end of my first one-shot! Comment a ship! Hope y'all like :)

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