Ships and Dip

So a lot of people have been doing this and it's something I wanna try xD
So comment a ship and I'll write a one-shot about it :3


2. Dramione

A Dramione one-shot! This one's for @[hermione-granger] hope y'all enjoy :)


"Your homework tonight is to choose a Jinx, Hex, or Curse, and write a fifteen-inch essay on it. Remember: no practicing on people or in duels. If I find out you did, I will give you an automatic 1% as your grade and will issue detention as I see fit." The Professor's reached Hermione, who groaned in boredom. She had been writing exactly that during the class, and she was half done writing the essay.

Sighing, she puts her things away in her messenger bag and slings it over her soldier.

Tapping Draco on the shoulder, she smiles. "Coming to the study group tonight?"

He grins, causing her to blush. "There's no place of rather be."

"See ya then." Smiling from ear to ear, she walks out. Draco Malfoy had been her secret crush for years now, though she knew she had no chance. For one, she was a Gryffindor and he a Slytherin. Secondly, she was Muggle-born, something he was trained to hate. She guessed she'd just have to do with seeing him in classes and study group.

Study group! She'd totally forgotten! She pivoted and speed-walked to the library.

The others were already there. "Sorry, guys," she panted, throwing herself on the nearest chair and taking out their Defense Against the Dark Arts homework. "What spell did you choose?"

Everyone went with the Knockback Jinx, except for Draco. He chose the Killing Curse, earning him dark looks from the group.

Taking out her quill and ink, Hermione out the finishing touches on her essay. "Does anyone need help?"

She spent the next hour helping people with their homework. Finally, it was six on the dot, and she was bone-tired. "Draco, could you stay here a minute?"

The others left and he stayed, looking nervous. "I know, my essay was awful! God, I know-"

"Shhhh." She pressed a finger to his lips. "Your essay was fine."

He perked. "You know, Hermione, I like you a lot."



Hermione couldn't believe it. This is what she had been hoping for for years now- it was truly a dream come true.

She couldn't hold back anymore. She grabbed him by his green and silver tie, evening their heights and putting their heads close together.

Taking in a deep breath, she pressed her lips to Draco's with such a fiery passion it surprised her. He nipped her lip, wanting access... Which she granted. She slung her hands around his neck and he put his hands in her hair, trying to take in more of the other.

They pulled away after seconds or hours, they don't know. They grinned, and laughed, before colliding again.


So how was the Dramione one-shot? I hope y'all liked it :) comment more ships!

Love ya all

~Grace Nebel XX

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